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Celebrating the Life Giving and Life Saving form of Exercise – Yoga

This coverage is dedicated to the spirit of Yoga. The video features Tanny Bhatt, Jyoti Solanki, Megha Sharma and Mahima Jain. All the young women are the flag-bearers of the fitness industry and have come together for the cause of spreading Yoga Awareness.

Yoga is not about a day, it is about a lifestyle. It regulates our body systems, makes our mind more responsive, attentive and creates a balance between body and mind in a way, where no exercise form can do it. Regular practitioners of Yoga always experience a better immune system and peace of mind as it is a great stress reliever. This is the science of soul and aligns your body, mind and spirit in harmony with each other when done regularly.

In today’s circumstances, Yoga can form a lifestyle for you which will protect you and help you cure many physical illnesses, sometimes, even complex illnesses! Last Yoga Day, Bodyandstrength.com interviewed this legendary Yog Guru and was all inspired looking at the depth of his knowledge and experience in this field. Padma Shri Dr. H. R. Nagendra (Yog Guru of PM Narendra Modi) revealed, “Yoga can treat dome fatal diseases. We use “cyclic meditation,” a combination of yoga postures and guided meditation, to alleviate occupational stress and treat diseases like asthma, cancer and psychiatric illnesses. We have evidences where people have been able to reduce their medications or stop them entirely. Modern Medical system deal with the body whereas, the root cause is in the mind.”

In one of the her knowledge-centric write ups revered author and Yoga trainer Dr. Navodita Pande informs, “Yoga tells us that there are seven Chakras in our system- Muladhara, Swadhishthaan, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddhi, Agya and Sahasrara. Each of these Chakras is an energy point for the neighboring body parts and organs. While doing Yoga, these energy points are activated and heal us from within, from the core.”

The video coverage this Yoga Day stocks up an asana-treasure right from Surya Namaskar by Megha Sharma to Pain Relieving Asanas by Tanny Bhattacharya to Strengthening Asanas by Jyoti Solanki to Yoga inspired Pilate moves by Mahima Jain. Also seen in the picture above is Suruchi Gupta (Body and Strength media face) in Malasana pose. Bask in the peaceful energy of the asanas and feel the great stretch in your body.

Yoga teaches you to cure what you can’t endure and endure what you can’t cure – This line perhaps reveals it all. Yoga is not one day, it is not for one person, it is for everyone. All the people featured in the video have come forward to inspire and direct your energy so that you are able to live a stress-free and pain-free life. Watch and do Yoga daily to feel difference!

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