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Career Growth as a Fitness Professional -Episode 3

Episode-3 of Fitness Career Series with Chirag Sethi (Founder and Managing Director of Classic Fitness Academy) focuses on career growth as a fitness professional. Watch the episode access the knowledge bank to progress in fitness industry.

  1. Chirag Sethi answers the question related to career growth as a fitness professional in this episode.

1. After spending long time as fitness trainer, what next?

Chirag answers this question by showing you a ladder where you progress from becoming a floor trainer to a personal trainer. After this, you have to look for options where you can take a lateral entry. Two options can be there, whether to go for a management field or training field. You can further choose to be a Master Trainer and handle training management, which was talked about in the last episodes.

In this episode, he puts the spot light on the management field. He starts by telling that if you have a knack and some experience in running a gym, you must target at becoming a General Manager for a gym where you handle sales and training together. You are responsible for that gym’s profit and loss.

2. Can a trainer switch to become a gym owner/management?

Many people do this mistake of opening a gym after being a trainer. You have training experience but you don’t have experience in gym management, marketing, sales, administration and accounting. Without having experience and interest in all these areas, there is no point in opening a gym.

3. When should I start as a gym manager/owner?

Before taking up a job of a gym manager or an owner, educate yourself first. The art of management comes with experience and proper education. You must not stop educating yourself and must go ahead with gaining a diploma in management where you will learn about digital marketing and sales etc. Don’t invest in opening a gym if you are not a good manager and do not know anything about management because a good gym is a result of good management where you must know all the process of running a company.

After educating yourself, work somewhere as a General Manager where you can earn a regular flow of monthly income and learn how to make a business profitable. After achieving this, there are so many avenues that will open for you. A trainer with a good management experience and a good education can boost the fitness business by leaps and bounds and there are a lot of franchise businesses coming up who may require you to manage one of them.

4. What other places where a trainer with management diploma and experience can grow?

Apart from Gym Management, there are equipment companies where you can work. All these jobs are highly well and there is not looking back here.  Then there are supplements companies and other corporates in the fitness industry who are hiring and paying very well and who require fitness professionals to boost and expand their business.

5. What are the hierarchy levels?

A floor trainer earns from INR 12K – INR 15k. A personal trainer’s salary expanse is unlimited depends upon high skill-sets, high-networking and type of clientele. While managing a gym, you can be a Fitness Manager who manages the training team and PT sales or you can be a General Manager who looks after overall sales and admin of the gym. Further if you working in a Franchise, you can be Regional Head, Regional Director, Operational Director and even CEO or Managing Head of that specific brand.

All in all you have to establish good leadership skills and management skills with experience. You have to keep learning. Don’t do job just for earning but do it for the brand you are working with and have confidence in your brand.

One of the most important field is gym management consultancy. Here, people looking for investing in a gym or training related business who don’t have an industry background, hire people like you to aid them in establishing a center for them and guiding them where and how to invest here. You make a team for them, train the team to work, make sales target and help in achieving them. Here your expertise and growth in the industry becomes your asset and you earn by providing consultancy.Watch the episode to know more and access the knowledge bank to progress in fitness industry.

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