Cancer, Accident, One-leg amputation: Bodybuilding Athlete Mohit Kumar Is Invincible!

This is the true story of unbreakable will to live and conquer the world with determination. He exemplifies in the field of bodybuilding with three limbs!

Mohit Kumar is a para-athlete from Haryana, not many people are born with his grit and determination. Life throws such unimaginable challenges in these chosen people’s way and sees how they face it and recover from it before declaring them a winner. Such circumstances crossed Mohit’s path like a hurricane devastating every bit of him. This is a true story of unbreakable will to live and achieve.

Mohit Kumar was very young in 2010 about 14 years of age when he experienced persistent pain in his thighs and knees and started complaining of intermittent head-spins too. His father relied on local quacks for his pain relief but with time Mohit’s condition worsened and he fainted in school. His leg swelled to twice its size. He then consulted government hospital’s doctors where he was diagnosed with cancer in his right thigh. The doctors removed the cancer stricken portion, an inch above the knee and fitted a rod. The ordeal left him and his family devastated. He was emotionally and mentally drained still he continued with this life.

This relief was short-lived as after four years Mohit again met with an accident because which the rod in his leg broke. Because of the fear of a scolding from his father, he didn’t tell anything about the accident to his parents for two months. Consequently, the infection spread in whole of his leg and doctors feared that it will affect his kidney and liver too. Mohit had to agree to get his leg amputated altogether in 2015. This was a blow at his confidence and he didn’t know how to begin with life after this without a leg. Then one fine day he came across the story of Arunima Sinha – the first Indian amputee to have climbed Mt. Everest. He gained his confidence back and was inspired to do something better in his life.

He wished to make his father proud of him that even after so many trials of life, he hasn’t given up and is in fact ready to bounce back. It took Mohit two months to learn how to walk and carry his daily tasks on his one leg and third month he went straight to gym to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. He wished to start with a 22 pound dumbbell but he was too weak to do that. He kept coming to gym and spent four hours there, just lifting the dumbbells for ten minutes each set. He started working out two hours a day to build his core-strength. Gradually, he lifted up his stamina so much that he can now deadlift 120 kgs, leg press, take up to 250 kg on thigh and 50 kg on chest!

He was a lab technician earlier and in 2016, he switched to bodybuilding. He leads a simple and disciplined lifestyle, wakes up early in the morning at 5:00am and works out from 6:00am to 9:00am.

He competes in bodybuilding championships and has won three golds, two bronze and two silver medals in bodybuilding competitions. He dreams of becoming Mr. World.  

He keeps on changing his workout routine every week so he focuses on his weak parts and enhance his stronger parts. His daily diet includes eggs, bananas, milk, boiled chicken, pulses (daal), rice, curd and tortilla (roti).

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    Nice personality Great bodybuilder in our city. Well experienced and knowledgeable

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    Nice personality Great bodybuilder in our city. Well experienced and knowledgeable

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