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Can muscle be built only with dumbbells and barbells?

This workout can be done at home, just using a set of dumbbells and barbells. It’s designed to build muscle and strength.

Can muscle be built only with dumbbells and barbells?

Typically a 3-day home workout, so it's best for a Monday - Wednesday - Friday plan. Each workout ought to take approximately 1 hour to complete. Abdominals have not been included; you should aim to work them twice a week with 2-3 workouts. To induce the most of this workout we suggest you follow a bulking diet consisting of over 3500 calories per day and a lot of protein and complex carbohydrates. The only thing you’ll require other than a barbell with weights and two dumbbells may be a flat bench. If you don’t have a level seat you'll be able to utilize a wooden box or something similar that will not break after you lay on it whereas holding weights.

Barbell and Dumbbell Workout at Home

Dumbbell and barbell workout schedules can be performed at home or anyplace when a gym isn't accessible. The following training routine will give your whole body a thorough workout that’ll stimulate growth if you keep the intensity high.


Bench press — 4 sets

Dumbbell presses — 4 sets

Dumbbell flyes — 4 sets

Dumbbell pullovers — 4 sets


Dumbbell squats — 4 sets

Barbell squats — 4 sets

Dumbbell lunges — 4 sets

Stiff leg deadlifts — 4 sets

Dumbbell toe raises — 4 sets


Barbell bent-over rows — 4 sets

Dumbbell rows — 4 sets

Deadlifts — 4 sets

Dumbbell shrugs — 4 sets

Barbell shoulder press — 4 sets

Dumbbell side lateral raises — 4 sets


Close grip bench press — 4 sets

Dumbbell kickbacks — 4 sets

Standing barbell curls — 4 sets

Seated dumbbell curls — 4 sets

Goblet Squat

How to do: Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width and hold a dumbbell with both hands before your chest. Sit back into a squat, then drive back up and repeat.

Arnold Press

How to do: Sit on a seat with dumbbells held before you, palms facing your shoulders in spite of the fact that you’ve just finished up a bicep twist. Push the dumbbells up over your head whereas turning your arms until your palms face away from you. Rectify your arms, pause, then reverse the development.

Renegade Row

How to do: Get into a press-up position together with your hands on the handles of two dumbbells. Keeping your core tensed, row the right dumbbell up to your abs then return to the starting position. Repeat with the left dumbbell to complete one rep.

The training schedule with barbell and dumbbells for 4 days per week with training on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday could be a rest day, Thursday, Friday are training days and the weekends are mostly rest days.

Training of each set can be generally for 10 reps, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing this up a bit and doing heavy 6-8 reps sometimes and do 12-15 reps on days when you’re as it was lifting medium overwhelming weights. You'll be able to swap the order of training days as well to mix things up and change the workouts each week as you think of new exercises you'll perform with a barbell and dumbbells only.

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