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Can Bodyweight workout help in muscle building?

There always has been a myth about mass building that by only going to gym and doing exercises with weights can help you in muscles building, which is not entirely true though. You can even build your muscles by doing bodyweight workout as well. In fact, there are many benefits of bodyweight workout over any other workout.

Can Bodyweight workout help in muscle building?

Bodyweight workout means when you entirely use your body weight to exercise without adding external weights like dumbbells in your workout. Most of you who is interested in mass building think that you can only build muscles with gym workouts. Today this article is going to break your myths about bodyweight workout. Yes, bodyweight workout can help in muscle building, you can gain muscles without going to expensive gyms just by using bodyweight workout. In technical way while doing bodyweight workout you use your own bodyweight as the resistance to workout which leads to muscle gain.

There is a whole set of bodyweight exercises that can help you in attaining your desired results. By using your weight as the resistance, you can do the exercises and get marvelous results without going out to gym. Here we are listing best 6 bodyweight exercises that can be very effective in muscle gain. 

List of bodyweight exercises for muscle gain –

  1. Push-up
  2. Burpees
  3. Wide- grip Pull-ups
  4. Step-up with knee raises
  5. Clap Push-ups
  6. Press-ups

Benefits of Bodyweight workout

  • Free of any extra cost – One of the best parts of opting bodyweight workout is that you can do it without spending a single extra penny. This is very amusing in the expensive world to get things done without spending money, here this bodyweight workout is making it possible for all of you. It is very effective in maintaining your fitness and that too without any extra cost which is the most attractive part of bodyweight workout.
  • Very easily accessible – These exercises are accessible; it means whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete you can go for it. You have all the rights to adjust and meet the required number of sets and reps you want to do. It is totally up to you in which way you are going to challenge yourself everyday with bodyweight workout.
  • Helps in developing technique – You can always start with bodyweight workout as it helps in developing techniques. The stress on your joints are very less while performing this workout in comparison with lifting weights for muscle gain, that is why you have the liberty to choose different techniques for doing your exercise.
  • Helps in increase mobility – It is well known that if you are doing weightlifting then it limits your mobility at some extent. The scenario is totally opposite in the case of bodyweight workout though. Here it not only helps you in mass building but also not limit your mobility in fact, it increases your mobility and stability too. by performing bodyweight workouts your body becomes more active than usual which leads to increase in your stability and mobility.

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