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Cable-Only Back Workout

Give a variation to your regular back workout routine and go for cable workouts. A strong back improves your performance multifold in all spheres of life both metaphorically and practically! Read this article to know more.

Cable-Only Back Workout

Shona Rajput shows you how you can build a strong and lean back with this fast muscle building workout using only one piece of instrument – cable. For this workout, all you need is a cable-cross stack and a couple of attachments – That’s all! The workout time is about 45 minutes from beginning till end. Your rest period can be anywhere between 45-60 seconds. Let’s see how you can do them.


1. Close Group Pulldown

Here to target your lats, choose a wide grip. What you need to do is to squeeze your elbows down towards your tail bone and keep your chest up while performing this exercise. Right form gives you the maximum results without strain. If your find it difficult to do 8 reps in a go then the weight might be too heavy and if you are able to do 10 reps with ease and a few more until you stop then the weight might be too light. So it is important to use your first set to see and adjust weights to your right limit.

2. Narrow-Grip Underhand Pull-Down

You have to use the same set-up as the above but here, you have to flip your grip so that your palms face you and move your hands closer together. A narrow-grip pull-down is great for targeting the middle of the back, including several important postural muscles. If you haven’t ever done this exercise before, it is suggested that you keep your elbows squeezed in towards body. Lift your chest up to the bar as you pull it down. This will keep your shoulders down and prevent you from using momentum to pull the bar.

3. Straight Arm Pull-Down

It is also known as Straight Arm Pull-Over or Pull-Through. This workout is good for isolating the lats, you can’t use arms to help. Go lighter on isolation exercises first to learn the movement and make sure that you targeting the right muscles before going heavier.

Stand in front of the cable and grip the bar with an overhand grip, hands about shoulder-width apart. You can also use a rope attachment for this workout. Some people like to hinge forward from the hips for better range of motion and a stretch through the shoulders at the top.

4. Face Pull

Upper back is muscles are a little tricky to tame. This is why focused exercises like face pull are a must for your back routine. Use a rope attachment for this exercise. Stagger your feet so that you don’t swing as you pull the weight.

Keep your elbows high throughout the movement but try not to shrug your shoulders. Keep your shoulders down away from your ears as it keeps the work in the upper back instead of the neck.

5. Single-Arm Cable Row

If you are dominant on one side of your body, single arm exercise can help you balance your strength. Set a cable at a height even with your bellybutton, with a handle so you can rotate through the wrist as you pull. To do the single-arm row, keep the shoulder corresponding to your working arm down and back, and rotate your wrist as you pull the handle back. Start the pull with your palm facing down and end with palm facing up.

Shona is seen performing a variation of this exercise by kneeling down and pulling the cable with single arm towards her chest in the same wrist motion as above. This position makes it impossible to engage any other muscle.

This rotation engages the muscles that attach to the shoulder blade, working your mid back. Keep your core engaged and body still. After completing 10-12 reps with one arm, perform the same number on the other arm before taking rest.

6. Seated Cable Row

Try not to use the momentum of the row too much by moving the torso backward with the arms here. Target the middle to upper back by keeping back straight and squeezing your shoulder blades together as you row, chest out. Don’t be too fast on returning the cable back. If you are not able to go through the full range of motion with good form, the weight is too heavy. Reduce the weights and make sure that you able to perform with full range of motion.

Along with the above cable exercises, it is important that you pay attention on your nutrition. If you are going for extensive exercises, nutrition helps you build up muscle and get a leaner shape. If your daily meals lack nutrition, go for necessary supplementation after consulting your physician as well as your trainer. Good supplementation is half battle won because you have got onelife to live it right!

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