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Build Your Shoulders with just 4 Workouts – Day 5 - Shoulders

Episode 5 features 4 of your favorite athletes. They are going to tell you all top 4 exercises to build your shoulders. Their experience and knowledge in muscle gain are tremendous.

They describe four different workouts which will ultimately result in building strong shoulders. These exercises have many hidden benefits too. Firstly, they help reduce weight then they also increase range of motion and function of your hands. The ultimate benefit is that it helps in reducing pain if you have any shoulder related issues.

The exercises highlighted in Episode 4 of 6 Day Ultimate Mass Gain Routine are:

  • Dumbbell Rear Lateral raise
  • Military Press
  • Upright Row
  • Shoulder Press

Four featured names in fitness are: Puneet Sandhu (Athlete), Arun Bhattacharya (Sports nutritionist & trainer), Kirat Lakhyan and Guradesh Mann (Athlete)

1. Dumbbell Rear Lateral raise | 4 sets × 12 to 15 reps

The video begins with your favorite athlete Puneet Sandhu. He is telling you all about the benefits of building shoulder muscles. The workout which he is demonstrating helps in toning, strengthening and stabilizing your shoulder as well as upper body. Puneet is giving pro tips too so that you can  get the right results by doing this

2. Military Press/ Barbell Shoulder Press | 4 sets × 10 to 15 reps

The next stage of the video is about Military press and here your charming trainer Arun Bhattacharya is demonstrating it to you. He begins by telling step by step about how the Barbell shoulder Press can be performed. Meanwhile, he is also giving tips for you all to get this exercise right. This helps in building your shoulder stronger and flexible. 

3. Upright Row| 3 sets X 8 to 10 reps

Kirat Lakhyan is a professional trainer so he knows a lot about how and which exercise can be done to get the desired results. In today’s video Kirat begins by telling how upright row is done and that it helps in maintaining the right posture of your inner and outer traps. This exercise is very affective and you must add it to build your shoulders. To prevent from any injuries, you should give extra attention to the tips given by Kirat.

4. Shoulder Press| 3 sets X 8 reps

Shoulder press is full of hidden benefits. It really affects your shoulder, upper chest, triceps and traps in a good way. Guradesh Mann is performing the said exercise for you all in the video. The video has the part where you can see how the pressure has been put on the shoulders and triceps while doing this exercise. It is really attractive to even watch. You can imagine how good it will be for you if only you will add this in your workout. 

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