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Build Tree Trunk Legs With This Killer Workout By Pradeep Bhatia

Overall fitness goal isn’t just upper body and torso to show off, if you think you can do without working on your legs then you are mistaken!

We need our legs whether it is walking, playing, running, etc. Strong legs mean great base or balance. Strong legs are not just required to run faster or walk better but they also provide the base to your body as they form a larger percentage of your body.

Great legs attract people. So don’t miss out on your legs workout.

Most of the gym goers train their upper body but lower body is equally important for a perfect physique. You can choose any particular day or session for training the legs.Pradeep Bhatia is back with his legs workout at bodyandstrength.com where he demonstrates how he does his killer legs workout.

He has trained many celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Diljeet, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta, and many more. He trains them according to the demand of the frame, no doubt it takes a lot of hardwork and focused dedication to get the desired results. All the people he has trained gave their 100% and efforts were visible on-screen.

He started his warm-up with cycling for 10 to 15 minutes and he leveled up after 2 minutes! So the chances of injuries can be eliminated. Next, he stretched his leg and hands, keep one thing in your mind that your legs should be straight during stretching.  Then he proceeded to carry out a rigorous leg exercises.

Following are the exercises which will help you in toning and strengthening your legs.

1. Free Squats | 4 X 15-20

Start by keeping your shoulders parallel to your legs. Simply bend your knees bring your backside closer to the ground. Try bending your knees to a 90 degree angle, then standing back up. Squats puts lot of pressure on your back so you have to be very careful. 

2. Cable Machine Squats | 4 X 10-15

This exercise can improve the stability of your knees and strengthen the connective tissue of the knees. While performing the exercise the cable should be low at your feet and don’t bend your arms, keep them straight.

3. Leg Press | 4 X 15-20

Leg press targets the glutes, quads, calves muscles. It doesn’t require as much balance as squats. It puts a lot of pressure on the leg muscles. The four headed muscles is responsible for the movement of the knee and in leg press the same muscle is evolved. The assisting muscle in this exercise is adductor magnus.

4. Leg Extension | 4 X 15-20

This exercise targets the front muscles of the thighs and the quadriceps. To perform this exercise your knees should be at a 90 degree and your ankles behind the pads. It is easy to perform even for the beginners.

5. 90° Leg Press | 4 X 15-20

The body is bent midsection at a 90°degree angle, your leg are pressed up against a plate that faces downward. Leg press can be performed in a number of different ways but it works for the same muscles.

6. Hamstring Curls | 4 X 15-20

Hamstring leg curls strengthen your knee joints and prevents injury. It targets two primary muscles: the calf and the hamstrings. Leg curls not only strengthen the hamstrings but also improves the flexibility of the hamstrings. Having strong hamstrings is an integral part of the overall strength, balance and fitness.

7. Wide leg Squats | 4 X 15-20

This exercise is one of the variation of the regular squats. It works for the same muscles. The slight change in your movement will put more emphasis on your inner thighs.

S.No   Exercise Sets Reps
1. Free Squats 4 15-20
2. Cable Machine Squats 4 10-15
3. Leg Press 4 15-20
4. Leg Extension 4 15-20
5. 90° Leg Press 4 15-20
6. Hamstring Curls 4 15-20
7. Wide Leg Squats 4 15-20

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