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Build The HULK Strength With Deadlift!

No reason to get lazy! Try the most powerful tool that can help you in building the best physique- Deadlift!

Build The HULK Strength With Deadlift!

Deadlift is a ‘king’ of the exercises. Deadlift is the most popular exercise among the athletes or no-athletes.

Deadlifts are good as the whole body gets trained while doing them...! If your goal is to gain muscles and strength then deadlift is the ultimate exercise.

Well it’s a layman's term but they are correct about it to very much extent. Let me help you to know more about it with the perspective of a fitness professional.


  • It is a compound and structural(load is on spine) exercise(more than one joint involved) hence more muscle group is involved so multiple muscles getting worked at the same time.
  • It can burn more calories as major muscles like glutes, hamstrings and quads are used while performing a deadlift so it will provide you more fatloss compared to training any small muscle group or doing any isolation exercise.
  • Deadlift is to train muscles named errectusspinae(superficial) and multifidus(deep) (both located on spine) along with gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps.
  • Deadlift will recruit the muscles of your lower back, hips, upper back, hamstrings and Tabdominals.
  • Deadlift also can prove useful for the weak body parts by changing the grip, range of the motion.
  • In this exercise, surface area of muscle breakdown is more hence more calories will be need to repair the wear and tear. Misconceptions: deadlifts causes injury...! That’s absolutely wrong. Wrong form and technique causes an injury.
  • Deadlift targets all the muscles which are responsible in the posture and movement. So it can be helpful in keeping your back straight during daily basis activities.

Doing deadlifts and other structural or compound exercises help you lose fat, increase the absorption of macro and micro nutrients, and regulate proper functioning of hormones. Also, it majorly emphasis on glutes, quads and hamstrings and not more on spine extensor muscles as the barbell comes up with the momentum created by lower extremities. So to train spine extensors, do hyperextensions too!

Importance of Technique

You should know the technique before adding the weights to the bar. Once you will get to know the trick you can easily add the weights to the bar. The improper lifting can injure your lower back.

The other thing that matters is balance you can improve your balance by selecting very stable shoes. Yes! This will help you keep steady and reduces the chances of injuries.

People do common mistake by keeping the back straight. This technique is wrong. You should lower your back and Practice! Practice! Practice!

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