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Build Bigger Biceps with Rajendra Dhole

Rajendra Dhole a celebrated fitness trainer from Mumbai has a powerful profile of training peoples successfully including celebrities like Tiger Shroff. In this video coverage he lets you know some of the biceps strengthening exercises.

Rajendra Dhole begins with One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl. You can do 3 sets of this exercise, starting with 12 rep max, you have to increase your power till last set with 6 reps max. This exercise brings the focus on single arm bicep without any scope of involvement from any other body part.

The next exercise is Spiderman Curl where you lie down on 30 degree inclined bench, facing the floor and use zig-zag bar to curl. Again do 3 sets of this exercise with 6-12 reps max. This exercise is beneficial for strengthening your whole of your arms, focusing on your biceps more. Bring your reps down, while increasing the weight in each set and this will give maximum pump to your biceps.

Next exercise is Incline Dumbbell Curl. Bench is on the 45 degrees, lie down facing the ceiling and do the curls with dumbbells. Hands hanging down from the bench and legs as per your comfort, on the floor or on the bench. The rep range here will be 6 to 12 reps max for all the 3 sets.

The last exercise is Cable Preacher Curl. Set up the cable and use the straight bar on the cable and do the curl. Again the rep range be 6 to 12 reps per set with total of 3 sets. You can increase the weight and bring down the reps with each set.

All the above exercises help your biceps grow more paired with right nutrition. The exercises are focused on strengthening and peaking them up for an enviable show!

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