B&S Top Power Couples: This V-Day say ‘I Fit You’!

Definitely these top power will inspire you to nurture the healthy lifestyle as a couple.

B&S Top Power Couples: This V-Day say ‘I Fit You’!

Love either creates a common zone, finds one or it happens in a common zone of interests, this helps people stay effortlessly compatible in long-term. India has got some of the most powerful couples where both persons fit each other and keep fit with each other like no other. It is absolutely not a bad idea to work out with the love of your life because this will keep both of you motivated to be fit, healthy and high on each other. So next time, someone seems ‘fit’ for you, why not make it ‘work out’ for a lifetime!

Bodyandstrength.com has taken out list of some of the most ‘fit’ couples in India. No need to say that they are killing it together and giving people major fit couple goals. Putting fitness on priority, they inspire to nurture healthy lifestyle as a couple. What connects them can have many answers but what keeps both of them fit is essentially their common love for fitness. Seeing the trend they have set, gyms are going to be the next sort after workout dating destination!

1. Gaurabh Chakraborty and Pooja Sharma

Gaurabh Chakraborty, former software engineer and Pooja Sharma, a former civil engineer are a live-in couple. Pooja was overweight since her school days while Gaurabh was bullied for being lean and short. They studied in the same school but never talked to each other, destiny played a major role in bringing them together as they met two years later in the engineering college after that they fell in love. This is how their story started from being an unfit couple to becoming a poster couple of fitness.

2. Praveen Pandav and Jhanvi Pandav

Praveen Pandav is a fitness Enthusiast and Educator and Jhanvi Pandav is a former Muscle Mania Female Physique Athlete 2017. They have gained knowledge and numerous awards and recognition in the fitness industry.

Being in the fitness industry for over 10 years, they had a vision to provide best sports nutrition.

3. Mamta Devi Yumnam and Borun Yumnam

Mamta and Borun are the first Indian couple to win gold medals in International bodybuilding championships. They first met in a fashion show. Mamta became a bodybuilder after her marriage; she took up the bodybuilding sport to break all stereotypes associated to gender equality.

They both supported each other in their ups and downs.

4. Guradesh Mann and Balreet Mann

Guradesh Mann is a Fitness Consultant, Bodybuilder, and Coach. He represented India in 2013 & 2014 Athletic Physique at World Bodybuilding & Sports Championship. He also owns a brand named Fitness Evolution. Balreet is Mrs. Body Beautiful 2018 and a fitness consultant. The more challenging thing is to improve yourself and it is only possible when your soulmate helps you, supports you to grow and develop. Through every thick and thin, they have supported each other.

5. Jyoti Kanojia and Raj Kanojia

Jyoti became bodybuilder after her marriage; it was only possible with the support of his husband Raj Kanojia. He is a successful athlete himself.

She wanted to be a model since her childhood but she had not got the opportunity and support at that time but after her marriage she fulfilled her dream with the support and guidance of her husband Raj Kanojia.

In the early stage, Raj was not sure that she can do it but her dedication proved him wrong and cleared all his doubts.

6. Wasim Khan and Mahak Khan

Wasim Khan is an Indian Bodybuilder and Mahak Khan is the first Indian athlete to win the title of Miss Galaxy. Most of the women have low self-esteem after marriage but Mahak has developed self-confidence and made her mark in the fitness industry. Wasim and Mahak both are inspiring the youth through their dedication to the fitness.

7. Mahender Rajput and Soniya

Mahendra Rajput is Mr. Olympia Amateur 2018 and Soniya is a fitness enthusiast. If you and your partner share a common goal that is fitness then it is more possible to achieve your fitness goals as exercising together motivates you to train harder and creates a magical bond between you and your partner. Mahendra and Soniya are the best example to motivate others to achieve fitness goals with your partner.

8. Rahul Sharma and Baljeet Kaur

Rahul Sharma is a successful fitness model and his partner Baljeet is also a fitness model. This couple has been covered by many popular fitness magazines. Rahul faced a lot of criticism in his early stage but criticism boosted his confidence and he transformed himself from being a skinny person to a fitness model. Rahul and Baljeet work together towards achieving their fitness goals. Rahul is training for Classic Bodybuilding and Men’s Physique.

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