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Brave a Life Hers to Know Real Strength! - Dr Rita Jairath!

Not that No one knows her in the fitness industry, it is time to know, why you should know this woman of grit? People mostly don’t read about people of strength they know, there is a reason why I am putting Dr. Rita Jairath in the list of legendary achievers. Read this article till the end and you would know.

Brave a Life Hers to Know Real Strength! - Dr Rita Jairath!

Dr. Rita Jairath was born in a family, where her mother was schizophrenic and was an Air Force officer who was not always in the right frame of mind looking after her. As a result, of mounting frustration, she would be beaten black and blue at the slightest of trigger. Her growing up years, were full of struggle. She grew up mainly at neighbors’ homes – they would feed her and take care of her. Those were the times, when there was little awareness about mental illnesses and her family was branded ‘mad’ in an unkind way. Consequently, she had no friends.

She used to help her neighbor’s son in studies. To get away from the beatings and to become a doctor, she married his brother, who was a merchant navy officer. Unfortunately, life didn’t become much better. She was treated like a maid in her days of pregnancy and was even denied money for a caesarian delivery in the first place but when the fetus heartbeat became low, they were forced to. Owing to whatever circumstances, she might still now know, her son Anish was born autistic. He couldn’t even speak in his initial years. Rita’s whole life now revolved around making his son speak. In the 80s there was little or no knowledge available in India on the subject and doctors discouraged her with saying that there is no hope. So she wrote to a relative in US, who helped her with literature of autism, which helped Rita create therapy strategies for her child. It is said that when you have the faith of a strong mother, miracles happen, Anish began to speak when he was about 6 years old, with barely understandable sentences.

As the time went by, a neurotherapist suggested enrolling him in sports. When he was in class 10th, he developed fascination for Hritik Roshan’s physique and wanted to build like that. Rita enrolled him in a gym and started training alongside. And this was a start towards the unprecedented! She didn’t know what her hardships were perhaps, preparing her for, her mind after enduring the life as it came to her was now exhuming a strength which was supporting her body more than any of women of her age. She started enjoying the workouts, it gave her joy. She participated in the local fitness competitions, slowly leading upto to national and international contests. She was perhaps a natural in one competition, she did 500 squats (the next best was a national level runner who did 75)!

She faced a lot of opposition and criticism but staying in isolation for almost all of her crucial years of life, made her blank out all the noise. When she started winning, the world was hushed, she started getting supporters as well and it was a new experience given the life she lead till now. She is now a three-time national bodylifting champion, she became IFBB Pro card winner (Women’s Figure Overall) and then the only woman pro-league international bodybuilding judge from Asia for the IFBB. She also consults and guides athletes and trainers for their diets and sports nutrition.

Not only this, while her son graduated with Computing from UK, housed with a compassionate Portuguese family, she also completed hers. She did her graduation and post-graduation degrees from Delhi University and eventually, got an honorary doctorate from the American University, affiliated to the United Nations University. Life indeed came a full-circle for her.

Not all celebrities are legends and not all legends are celebrities. Rita Jairath keeps a humble, grounded approach towards people, never basks in vanity because she knows what she has risen from. She is a rare combination of wisdom and victory and acknowledges the good in others without bias. It is not about only her physical growth but her continuous intellectual growth. No wonder, she features in Forbes list of few self-made Indian women! The struggles she vanquished, made her to our list of legendary achievers too. In Indian women bodybuilding, she will always keep inspiring with her story, her sportsmanship and her personality.

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