Boss Classic Season 3: The Boss of All Independent Shows in India

Yes, as we saw 600 plus athletes participating, the hall was overflowing with people from fitness industry and beyond, this show had a spectacular energy to it. The stage was on fire with all the aesthetic muscle power thumping through all the categories. Clearly, there were winners both on stage and off-stage!

Boss Classic has been one of the most awaited shows of the year. This grand show in Delhi (Kendriya Vidyalaya, Delhi Cantt.) was, however, a league apart with all kinds of athletes flocking the prep room. It was a sight to see such an enthusiasm in the participating athletes who seemed in best of their shape. All the weight categories, women and specially-abled categories were treated well on and off stage and gave positive reviews of the show.

The judges were so diligently and fairly delivering the results that they hardly moved from their seats throughout the day. Of course, when you have a great mix of national and international judging panel like Mr. Justin Wessels, Mr. Eyad Molaeb, Ms. Amy Fox, Ms. Sophie Al Banna, Mr. Jivesh Shetty, Mr. Harminder Dulowaland, Mr. Harry Sandhu, you expect a quality and precise judgement. It was a sight to see how gracefully the doubts in the minds of the losing contestants were cleared on the stage and the situation was smoothly steered through.

Congratulations to the winners like Mayank Raghav, Abhishek Gaikwad, Rishabh Sharma, Ahsaan Alam, Jammy Nooni in Male Muscle Model category; Male Fitness Model category had winners like Rishabh Pradhan, Ayan Roy Chaudhary, Jammy Nooni, Mimoh Yuvraj and Rajat Yadav; Bodybuilding Junior was won by Aman Rana,  Niladri Halder, Prashant Nadar, Padam Lakhan and Rishabh Sharma; Bodybuilding 65-75 kg winners were Ravi, Sunil Yadav, Abhishek Gaikwad, Rishabh Pradhan and Mohsin Khan and many more.

All the athletes were in best of their spirits and worked really hard. Since all can’t become winners, the best in class were selected by the panel of judges. Kudos to the team of Boss Classic Season 3 spearheaded by Harry Sandhu for putting up a quality show in India!

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