Boost your Immunity with these Yoga Postures - Episode 1

Episode – 1 of Yoga with Tanny series focuses on yoga postures and age old anulom vilom pranayam. Including these postures in your daily exercise regimen help you develop immunity - from robust digestive system to strong lungs.

Tanny Bhattacharjee is a seasoned Yoga Teacher. In this series she will teach you in yoga postures which you can easily perform at home. These postures help you boost your immunity and help your crucial organ systems to perform at their best. Strong respiratory and digestives system form the base for a strong immune system in your body.

Tanny demonstrates three yoga postures and one anulom vilom pranayama to begin with. These postures include:

  1. Uttanapadasana
  2. Viparita Karani
  3. Matsyasana
  4. Anulom Vilom

She starts with Matsyasana. Fold yours legs into padmasana, lie down face up on the mat, keep your shoulders lifted and your head tilted enough to touch the floor in the middle. Focus on your breaths and experience the flow of oxygen to your head. Bring your hands to touch your left and right toes. Count till 10-20 slowly to hold this position and then release slowly. Do not get up straight and follow video instruction to do so. You have to hold your position and not your breath.

Next is Viparita Karaniaasana, Here you have to lie down, raising both your legs at ninety degree angle taking the support of wall, keep your hands straight from shoulder level on the floor, stretched out. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then release. It is important to relax and normalize the blood flow after such exercises, hence, relax in a shavaasana. Focus on your breath while doing do.

Next asana is Uttanasana. Take your breath in and hands up towards the sky, in standing position. Now, take your hands down while exhaling towards your ankles. Hold your ankles from backwards to lock the position and try to touch your forehead to your knees. Feel the maximum stretch in your hamstrings while doing so. If you bend to the maximum, hold the position to the maximum you can. Stay there for 10 seconds and then come back up slowly.

Last is pranayama of Anulom Vilom. This is a tried and tested respiratory vyayam or exercise and hence is named pranayama. Come to a comfortable seated position and join you thumb and index finger. Keeping it above your knees, take your right hand, drop the middle and index finger. Use the thumb of your right hand to close the right nostril. Inhale from the left, now close the left from the ring and the little finger and exhale from the right. Repeat. Follow the crisp instructions as given in the video by Tanny to know how to perform it rightly. As you practice, you will master the yoga asanas to strengthen you immune system.

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