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Why Mr. Capadia thinks that there is a need of holding knowledge and awareness disseminating conventions and bringing the fitness community together at one platform. Find out more in his candid conversation with! Delhi-Date with Kaizzad Capadia team met Mr. Kaizzad Capadia in Delhi who was here to preside upon one of his  master-classes at K11 Academy on April 5, 2019. What followed was unexpected and intriguing conversation with the Indian fitness industry icon and academician. Mr. Capadia shared his view on the present scenario of competitions and bodybuilding events in the country.

He said that fitness is a bigger frame and bodybuilding perhaps is just a small percentage of the industry. He also stated with concern that bodybuilding is a sport which has changed its form over the period of time and new elements like ‘physique’ has been added to it. In one sense it gives opportunity to more fitness athletes who don’t put on the bodybuilding bulk on whole of the body. On the flip side, a fitness athlete cannot be termed a ‘fitness’ athlete without assessment of the overall fitness of the body, we can’t leave legs out of it.

Mr. Capadia appreciates the efforts of athletes in India and says that they can do a lot for the sport but only with right kind of scientific knowledge and approach towards their body which comes from an able trainer of course. He emphasized again that bodybuilding is not a career and in fact, cannot be termed as a profession at all. It is just a sport not only in India but abroad as well. Hence, bodybuilding athletes should not be blinded until and unless they know how to make a decent living out of this field. They must think that the sport demands lots of investment in terms of money, with no certainty of rewards. Even if they make it a hit on-stage, the success will be short-lived until they decide to carve out a meaningful long running career out of it by gaining right practical training and knowledge. published a news article earlier this year with the title – ‘An Eye-Opener: Is Competing a Career Goal?’ Mr. Kaizzad Capadia’s analysis and point of view resonates the crux of that article and we are glad that we got a chance to hear it from him.

Mr. Capadia said that there is a need of holding knowledge and awareness disseminating conventions and bringing the fitness community together at one platform. Only holding expos, will not promote the sport, also, it won’t guide anyone towards a stable long term career. After giving more than half of your life to the fitness industry as an athlete, your term gets over, what would one do after that to sustain and what is the probability of his/her success even if one manages to start a career in the fitness industry as a trainer or entrepreneur. The right direction, evaluation and avenues according to one’s capacity, has to be explored. 

He was concerned that the quality of competitions is deteriorating because even the unprepared or half-prepared athletes are encouraged to compete on the stage just because he or she will be registering by giving money and will add to the crowd on the stage. This instead lowers the standard of any competition. Athletes are being misguided in this context. The competition should be such that it becomes difficult for the judges to select one and best of the best comes out as the winner. Also, the issue of fair judgment by able, experienced and well-educated judges is under scrutiny at most of the shows these days.

Mr. Capadia also raised his concern for the female athletes on the stage and shunned the idea of female bikini athletes standing on the stage with mediocre or sometimes no physique. He concluded that changes are always welcome but it should not pull down the standard to bring more profit, instead the bar should be raised along with the business of sports. It should benefit the competing athletes and must contribute to their holistic development. He also appreciated some of the competitive shows which are trying to keep up with the fair and just standards of the sport in India.

If more visionaries like Mr. Kaizzad Capadia spearhead the Indian fitness industry, a meaningful concrete direction can be given to all kinds of players, trainers and prospective entrepreneurs here. People like him not only are capable of doing their job deftly but also can speak their mind freely. The art of generating a stable career out of an uncertain independent sport like bodybuilding in fitness industry is mastered by him and it is high-time, we understand the logic before taking the action packed nose-dive in this sport!

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