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Body and Strength's 2019 Bling, Growing Bigger in 2020!

This small bioscope into year 2019 showcases behind the scenes, on the camera, unwinding team moments, event and brand shoot shots. In a nutshell, a glimpse of what the year seemed like to team Body and Strength. Watch it and embark on this journey with us as we further grow bigger in 2020!

2019 opened for us when Team Body and Strength was hardly 3 months old but as the year grew, our work expanse grew and diversified. Body and Strength worked on some of the blockbuster series like ‘A Day in Life’ with the industry icons. Our out of the box series like ‘Celebrity Catch Up’ and ‘Train with Rakesh Udiyar’ created waves.

The team took to the monsoon adventure in Mumbai in the month of August in 2019 and shot some of the most loved celebrities and fitness experts! Yes, nothing stops us from working and having fun meanwhile. Strong memories flood us of events as media partners as we worked with expos, summits, championships and summits – a variety of them. To top it all there were brand association series to make people aware of the brand as well as educate them on their fitness.

In the month of October, Body and Strength celebrated its one year anniversary by honoring its content contributors who brought their original content here and masses gave them their love through readership, audience and of course, votes! The wishes poured in and we were humbled because of the massive appreciation and support Body and Strength team got from the fitness fraternity and beyond.

It is not only about how we spent the year building nation’s leading media house on fitness with original content; it is about how we watered our passion to grow into a sapling and then a young tree! After crossing significant milestones, Body and Strength is further growing into a web-series platform. Taking the mission of fitness seriously, the team is working closely on developing entertainment, education and awareness inter-wined programs in future.

2019 went by like a breeze and it made us move, grow, aspire and achieve all through its wonderful seasons. Cracking into 2020, Team Body and Strength fondly remembers what all work and fun we had on sets, during work and otherwise year round! Without YOU it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank YOU!

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