BIG: Bodybuilding Federations in India

Don’t get confused between the federations’ names! Just read out the list of the federationsin the article.

BIG: Bodybuilding Federations in India

Names of bodybuilding federations rather confuse people and only a top few can be recalled by them in the industry and there is almost no knowledge of them outside the fitness industry. Hence, Here is an exhaustive list of approximately all the bodybuilding and fitness federations which exist and are operational in India. Several athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts are mostly confused and can’t differentiate between them, they sometimes skip some of the beneficial competitions because they don’t know about them.

Most of the bodybuilding federations in India are affiliates or branches of international federations and a few of them are national ones. These Bodybuilding federations hold bodybuilding and physique championships for men and women in India. They also make these athletes participate on international platforms. The purpose is to promote the bodybuilding sport and athletes on national and international levels. realized that it is important to list the bodybuilding federations in India at one place so that all aspiring athletes or competing athletes and fitness industry at large can take a note of them. We intend to update this list as and when more useful information is available or in case new additions are there.

1. International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB)

The governing body for the sport of bodybuilding and fitness is perhaps, the oldest as it was established in the year 1946. It is a member of prestigious international bodies like UNESCO and International World Games Association, etc. Its headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. In India Sanjay More (Mumbai based) is the General Secretary, IFBB affiliate bodies, India National Federation (IBBFF) and Asia Federation (AFBF). He has been closely working with the IFBB world President Santonja for last 35 years. IFBB holds different prestigious competitions across India and has encouraged many athletes over the years. Its track record has made it a sort after awarding federation among Indian athletes.


2. Indian Body Builders Federation (IBBF)

The IBBF is recognized as the only National Sports Federation for the sport of bodybuilding in India by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India and is also recognized by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA). IBBF has 31 state federations affiliated to it along with Government Sports Control Boards (Railway, Civil Services, Cultural and Sports, etc). More than 5000 athletes (Men and Women) are registered with this federation. The executive committee of IBBF boasts of illustrious and prominent personalities like Shri Madhukarji Talwalkar, the doyen of Indian fitness industry is Executive Vice President. Shri Prem Chand Degra (Padamshree and Arjuna Awardee) is President. Chetan Pathare from Mumbai is the General Secretary for this federations overseeing and streamlining the competitive events across the nation.


3. World Amateur Body Building Association (WABBA)

Founded in 1976 by Serge Nubret (Ace French Professional Bodybuilder), the association is present all over the world and its Indian affiliate is known as WABBA, India. It is a fast growing association which organizes international level championships in India, at different locations. Many champions of international stature have started their careers with WABBA and rose to make it big in this sport. Mr. Bhupender Dhawan is the President of WABBA India and Coordinator – Asia. He is a renowned bodybuilding coach, Dronacharya Awardee, Hall of Fame Awardee. Mr. Dinesh Aswal is the General Secertary who is also a renowned bodybuilding coach and one of the Commonwealth Gold Medalists.


4. National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association and World Fitness Federation of India (NABBA / WFF INDIA)

NABBA was formed in 1950 whose first Mr. Universe championship was won by Steve Reeves. Top bodybuilders who won Mr. Universe titles with NABBA were Reg Park, Bill Pearl and Arnold Schwarzenegger (four-times winner). The branch of NABBA is now supported by more than 50 countries. NABBA / WFF India was formed in the year 2013 and since then many men and women athletes from India got featured in NABBA Universe and World championships, bringing many titles home. Mr. Dhiraj Mohandas from Assam is the President of NABBA / WFF India, taking care of its operations here.


5. Natural Body Building Union International (NBBUI)

NBBUI is an international federation from Italy and has a global presence in multiple countries. It is a different and distinct platform for all the participating athletes as there is no restriction or restraint for them, anyone can participate. Also an added advantage is that the federation athletes can simultaneously play in any other federation also. Its World President is Pierluigi Borgia. In India its operations are headed and streamlined by President Praveen Rajput and General Secretary Nitesh Chibbar. It organizes international level championships across the nation where participants come from different parts of the world.

6. United Intercontinental Bodybuilding Fitness Federation (UIBFF)

UIBFF is an international bodybuilding federation which holds bodybuilding championships in India as well. UIBFF India is headed by Parminder Pawar from Punjab. The federation has churned out several titles for deserving Indian athletes over the years.

7. Indian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (IBBFF)

Indian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, IBBFF, the governing body of the sport of bodybuilding and fitness in India, is headed by Anurag Chaudhary Ad. and Dr. Deepak Parashar and it’s current President is Anurag Chaudhary. IBBFF headquarters are located in Bulandshahar, UP, INDIA & Office of All Control is Ludhiana, Punjab.


8. World National Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF)

WNBF is another international bodybuilding federation. WNBF India (WNBFI) is a team promoting natural bodybuilding and overall fitness. It is an affiliate with the WNBF who is proud to hold the highest standard in promoting stringently drug-tested, professionally produced bodybuilding and physique events around the world. It is perhaps the only competitive federation in India where every athlete must pass a polygraph as his/her performance enhancing drug-free status before they are permitted to step on stage along with overall winners undergoing urinalysis. WNBF India President is Pradeep Krishnachari who is a supplement store entrepreneur and a fitness enthusiast.


9. Musclemania

Musclemania organizes bodybuilding and physique championships for men and women all over the world. It has trotted to a position of a brand in bodybuilding events. It also does bodybuilding and fitness expos. Over the period, Musclemania has branched into supplement stores. It holds bodybuilding competitions pan India in the name of Musclemania India.


10. International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (IBFF)

IBFF is an international bodybuilding federation which holds bodybuilding championships in different countries. It is headquartered in Italy. It has its affiliate or branch in India as well. Richard James, the renowned 53-year-old bodybuilding athlete and entrepreneur has recently been sworn in as the President of IBFF, India. Akshay Chopra, ex-Air Force Pilot, fitness author and entrepreneur is now the General Secretary of IBFF. Mohit Nagpal, an experienced athlete with several titles to his credit is the Vice President of the federation.


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