Beyond Grave Injuries - Simran Sood

Weights do not discriminate between male and female people do. Don’t be afraid of the judgments!

Beyond Grave Injuries - Simran Sood

When people get fit, healthy and adopting healthy lifestyle with the help of my guidance, it is a really big achievement for me.

I am Simran Sood a 22-year-old from Delhi. I am pursuing masters in Sports Nutrition. I love lifting heavy weights. My lifestyle is very simple, active and balanced. I have my fixed pattern of my workout and nutrition.

I do not miss my workout and I prepare my meals on my own.  I also enjoy my life; I do go to parties once a month to give myself a break from same lifestyle and to enjoy a little bit and this is what makes your life balanced by not going to extremes in either way.

I try to guide people through my Instagram page of fitness motivation.

Maybe I don’t have any big achievements but I feel motivated when people get healthy and fit with the help of my guidance. It is really a big achievement for me.

I feel very grateful that I can lift after so many injuries and I am able to exercise daily.

For me the most difficult challenge was to get up from my injuries. I have torn my shoulder ligament, disc herniation at L4-L5 and a quad; break down the mind-set that you need to get up from these injuries and get back to your lifting routine is very difficult. Injuries take a toll on your mental health more than physical health.

The fear of getting injured, reduced performance, gained the weight again and doing it all over and over is the most tough part and believe me people around you will contribute to it more.

They ask all these questions why do you do it, you have all these injuries why don’t you just stop lifting heavy and the worst thing they say is you are a female and you have to bear so many things in future how will you do that even your family asks you stop lifting heavy and to fight with all that is very difficult and challenging.

Time management is one thing that you will learn as you progress. I wake up early around 5:30 prepare my meals and leave for my college that is in Faridabad (daily) and it is a 2hr run from one side so I manage my time by reading about certain things I want to learn or I listen to podcast during that time.

 I try to finish my all college work during my college hours so that once I reach home I can focus on my clients and work for my Instagram content. I do not miss my gym whatsoever happens those 2 hours is for me to recharge.

I was the only one in my family who was fatty and I used to eat whatever leftover on the table. Either I did not feel confident in my own skin or extremely shy. I stopped talking to the people and started thinking that people will make fun of me. That was the high time for me so I decided to be fit and confident.

In the first year of college I joined the gym and I did not have any knowledge of fitness so I got extremely thin and week because I used to starve myself then I saw females lifting heavy weights being extremely confident and having amazing figure. I got inspired by them and started gathering knowledge. I started lifting heavy weights and the changes that I have seen in myself were too amazing, I gained strength, confidence and stamina.

Workout Routine:

  • Monday- Legs (Glutes and Hams focused)
  • Tuesday- Back and Biceps
  • Wednesday- Chest and Triceps
  • Thursday- Legs
  • Friday- Shoulder
  • Saturday- Weightlifting

I alternately switch to weightlifting as well. I do not have a fixed schedule. I add HIIT cardio in routine and abs on alternate days. I do proper stretching and warm up before and after workout.

I do not have a fixed diet schedule. I keep on changing depending on my goal. I eat proper Indian food “Ghar ka Khana”. The Things that I have mandatory in my diet are eggs, chicken, paneer, pulses, lots and lots of vegetables, good quality carbohydrates, nuts and seeds and most importantly liquid intake. 

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