Beyond Good Quality, It is Right Education - Universal Nutrition

Ms. Claudia Kinney (Sales Director, Universal) and Mr. Gary Sacks (Sales Manager, Universal) during their long due visit to India, addressed a press meet on November 12, 2019. The event was convened by Ms. Jinnie Gogia Chugh, the brand ambassador of Universal Nutrition in India.

Beyond Good Quality, It is Right Education - Universal Nutrition

This visit was indeed a long awaited one when Indian consumers and distributers along with media representatives got to meet international sales management team of a brand like Universal Nutrition. Claudia Kinney – Sales Director at Universal disseminated interesting information about the products and their market in India while Gary Sacks – Sales Manager at Universal gave an insight into the reason behind their visit to India. The press meet was spearheaded by Jinnie Gogia Chugh. The founding team of Shri Balaji Overseas, Mr. Rajender Agarwal, Mr. Vipin Agarwal and Mr. Nitin Agarwal were also there in person to put their collective view in front of the media representatives.

Shri Balaji Overseas tied up with the leading nutrition brand in US – Universal Nutrition 20 years back and since then it has been a roller-coaster ride for the team. The nutrition brand has been selling its products successfully through their distribution network in India. Gary informed that since 20 years the product is there in India but it is for the first time that the team from Universal Nutrition came to India. The reason behind is to explore the Indian market, know the position of the products here and understand the dynamics more closely. Claudia said that she herself has been associated with Universal from past 33 years and has seen the brand growing and expanding worldwide. The personal presence of the team made a difference as they answered the questions from the paparazzi and also made an emphasis on the importance of education and right usage of the products, especially, their ace product – Animal Pack from where the journey of Universal in India started.

They started with ‘stacking the shelves’ wherever they could years back with Animal Pak as they tied up with Shri Balaji Overseas in India. Gradually, the product travelled up in the market as the fitness and sports industry consumption grew. Then other products from Universal were also introduced. But given the situation now in India, the propositions have changed, the consumers are changing and even the masses are going for good supplement nutrition options to keep themselves fit. This visit of Claudia and Gary takes a dig into the present consumer market dynamics and weighing the product promotion options available here which can work best according to a varied and a little difficult market like India.

Shri Balaji Overseas stood like a support pillar of Universal Nutrition brand in India and is still going strong, changing with times, as per the market and as per the distribution chain mechanism. A short video was played in the event which explained the concern of the Indian team of Universal Nutrition and views of Claudia and Gary. Universal Nutrition has its base in New Jersey and significantly, the brand is in control of its products given the fact it manufactures all its products themselves, all the quality testing is done right in front of their eyes. They know their product inside out and insist on right education to derive the best out of them.

The Press Meet was followed by formal welcome of Claudia and Gary to India on stage, an interaction with the distributors, an informal networking and dinner. It was an evening worth an attendance with knowledge sharing session from both Indian and international sides. All the concerned people wish Universal Nutrition and its dedicated team all the very best for their business in India.

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