Being Fit and Strong Compliments His Business Goals! – Mehtab Singh

He is an entrepreneur, a young man with varied scholarly interests when it comes to finances. He is also a Content Manager. But what fulfilled him immensely is strength training, it transformed his lifestyle and leveraged his work potential. Read his story his way.

Being Fit and Strong Compliments His Business Goals! – Mehtab Singh

Coming from a business background in mechanical sector based out in Amritsar,helped me understand the critical points of establishing and managing a business. As a child, seeing the machinery work really fascinated meand thus ended up graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in automobiles.

It was then I realised that things need to be levelled up concerning my fitness. In 2014, we shifted to Chandigarh and with no coaching available except the internet; I managed to get a significant amount of change in my physique and strength by the age of 23.I will be turning 27 next year in the month of March.

I am working as Content/Project Manager with Creatique Esporre Pvt. Ltd. Delhi.  I am Specialistin manufacturing advertising displays and items used for indoor and outdoorpromotions and branding.

I am also pursuing to establish a company of my own (second attempt to build one) by the name of Wear Your Mark which is into gym clothing but with a twist and totally a different concept as compared to the brands you see today.

There aren’t any significant achievements in my life till now but I believe that conquering ones own mind and desires with self discipline is in itself an achievement. Unlearning to learn is an indicator of achievement. Not to forget, coming down from 105 kgs with nearly 35-40% body fat to 89kgs with 13% body fat has been the best one till now.

I represented my university at the All India Inter-University Powerlifting Championship 2011 (19 years old) with 0 training in my bucket and managed to hit a 202.5 kgs deadlift at 95 kgs bodyweight. Although it was not sufficient compared to the competition there but it gave me a confidence boost that I can get a lot better in the strength game.

Challenges are a part and parcel of life. I rather feel good when I come across challenges because that’s when you know that you are growing. And the day you stop growing, you will be lost in the crowd.

I feel that managing time comes with planning and that in return happens when you set targets and priorities by communicating with your mind and having a clarity of the fact that what you really want in your life. It’s all encircled around having a proactive approach in the daily life that helps you to be atop your goals.

Bullying was common since the school days and that did disturb me a lot and yet it was then that the fact of becoming strong and fit that was incepted. But it really took long to actually get hold of the discipline the clarity of my path and how to get onto that path!

I am really fond of strength training and compound workouts as the real strength comes forth with the capacity of the muscles working altogether, to lift heavy. Squats and deadlifts are my personal favourite but for a change I include volume as well with a rep range of 12-18 with 70-80% of my max.

I usually train every muscle twice a week.

My diet comprises of egg whites, boneless chicken breast, cheese and chick-peas as my primary sources of protein.

Whey protein twice daily along with some grounded oats for the fibre need. Fruits like banana, guava and apple form a tertiary part of my diet.

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