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Beginner Workout Guide: Body and Strength

These workouts will have your going in no time. Do them as directed by Prince Singh, a certified trainer. Also, know his secret to fitness with good nutrition.

Prince Singh, a certified trainer brings to you Beginner Workout Guide, which will be very useful to you if you are starting your fitness journey or if you are starting again after a long break. Whole workout is compacted in a time frame of 20 minutes. You can do it three times a week and give a kick-start to your workout regimen right away.

The four exercises that make this workout routine are as below.

  1. Squat + Lunge Back
  2. Push-up + Leg Raises
  3. Jumping Jack + Plank Taps
  4. Crunches

Prince explains the times break as 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of break in each exercise and after every round 30 seconds of break, every round has to be repeated 4 times and hence, all the breaks have to planned accordingly. Total workout clocks up to 20 minutes of workout approximately. The structure of the exercise – first mobility exercises, then main workout and then cool down exercises. In mobility, he does three exercises and then moves on to the main exercises as mentioned above before doing cool down stretches.

First mobility exercise is downward dog and cobra. You start with a plank position, stretch back to the dog position and then come back doing the cobra pose, repeating as shown in the video. Second mobility exercise is world’s greatest stretch. Go to plank position again, bring your right foot close to your right hand and then rotate your right hand toward the ceiling, looking up. Repeat the same on the left side. Third exercise is hip rotation. You have to stand, bend your knees and rotate your leg or you can perform this with straight leg as well as shown in the video. Mobility exercises are important for injury free workout and warms you up for the coming exercise, improving your performance.

Main workouts are as follows.

1. Squat + Lunge Back

Take squat position, your knees shouldn’t come out of line of your ankles. Stand up and then lunge back, as shown in the video. Do it for 45 seconds.

2. Push-up + Leg Raises

Take the plank position, keep your hands away from your chest on the floor as shown in the video. Push up and raise the right leg in the air, again push up and repeat the leg raise with the left leg. Do it for 45 seconds.

3. Four Jumping Jacks + 4 Plank Taps

This is a combination of cardio and core exercises. First you do four jumping jacks and then go down on floor in plank position, tap your shoulders with the opposite hands, alternating one by one. Do it for 45 seconds.

4. Crunches

Crunches are wonderful for your abs. Lie down straight, face up on the floor. Bring your heels close to your hips and then push your hands between your knees, engaging the core muscles. Do it for 45 seconds.

For a successful fitness journey, only workouts are not enough. You need to have ample fuel in your body for performance and results. This comes from powerful nutrition. For good nutrition, Prince Singh uses Muscle blaze Beginner Protein. One scoop of Muscle blaze Beginner Protein has 12 gm of protein, 2.61 gm of BCAA and 5.5 gm of EAA. Best part is that it has zero sugar and one scoop of protein has just about 100 calories.

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