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Because being Hu-Man is Enough!

Most of men in India are stereotyped. For society, man means the provider, the one who doesn't show emotion often and does all the 'tough' work. Really? Here, watch women talk about men - A tribute to Manhood. Because being hu-man is enough!

Today's man is more sensitive and more caring. Whether it is question of safeguarding our borders or protecting his family. He does it all since ages. But now he also takes care of kitchen, looks after children, supports women in family with élan. This man loves to keep and nurture dreams other than being just 'man enough'.

On International Men's Day, these strong women talk about their 'Idea of a Man' rather a strong man at bodyandstrength.com. Rita Singh, Jinnie Gogia Chugh, Navreet Josan and Balreet Mann talk about how men van be free to do what they want not bogged down just because of responsibility.

Being affectionate and being caring don't make them soft but human who can be loved back with same emotion. It is time to break the age old stereotyped that 'men don't cry', 'strong means rough', 'real men don't talk emotion' and 'men don't need to express'!

Despite being the most vital part of human existence on earth, manhood hasn't been understood enough. It is time to recognize their efforts for making our lives worth it, for keeping 'women and children first' in emergency because they made themselves available for supreme sacrifice to make the world go on. But then that is not the only goodness they bring to the world.

In today's world some of them are bring demonized without realizing that it is our perspective that is killing the 'human' part of man. Man is not machine and is as much a human as a woman. Except biological difference, both genders feel alike hence, should be reared alike to make a balanced world. The change starts by realizing the efforts and changing the way we raise boys at home. Let them choose the color they like because pink is not a girl's color, nature gave us all the colors to used by both girls and boys and so are all the emotions and dreams.

Being man enough should not come in the way of being hu-man enough. Let us break this false glass partition and mental block which doesn't allow men to experience life in its full bloom. Because being hu-man is enough! You don't need to be a He-man.

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