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Aviod Injuries, Maximize Results - Exercising at Home

These days, exercising at home is the new normal but people tend to injure themselves while exercising on their own. This article will help you avoid injuries and gain maximum benefits out of your workout when you can’t go to gym.

Aviod Injuries, Maximize Results - Exercising at Home

Due to this quarantine, our health is going for a toss. While some of us are training at home with some exercises, do you think those exercises you are performing are correct? Performing exercises with wrong form and technique can cause more harm than good. While some of us might be well-versed with the form and technique of many exercises, some people need a trainer simply to que them for doing squats with bodyweight.

Many of us might watch YouTube and Instagram and try some workouts but how accurate do you think you can perform those exercises? Do you have a proper idea about the form and technique of the exercises you are performing? Also, the YouTube might tell you the proper way to perform an exercise but how and who will see whether the exercises you are performing is as correct and as same as it was in the YouTube or Instagram video? So does it means we should avoid exercising at home till the gym re-opens? Well, the answer is No! So what do we do? How do we train correctly? What’s the formula to avoid injuries? A simple bodyweight squat exercise can cause lot of injuries to either, other muscles or ligaments if done improperly. So here, I share a few tips to avoid injuries and train properly at home.

1. Don’t try anything fancy

Do not try anything fancy which your favorite footballer or entertainer is performing on YouTube or Instagram. They have been doing that since long and very well versed with the form and technique of the exercises.

2. Start easy, stick to basics

You can simply start with spot jogging for 30-45 min every day and gradually going to basic exercise with body weight like squats, crunches, pushups and planks (though form and technique is important for these exercises too is very important)

3. Do not push yourself

I know this might sound against your brave will. But this is not a Hollywood movie and you are not an actor with a back up of a medical team and others to fix your injuries if you get one while overdoing anything. You must know the pain whether it is soreness or some sort of discomfort.

4. Use proper equipment

If you have a kettlebell and a dumbbell, what would you choose? You can perform much more exercises with kettlebell and it is more functional compared to a dumbbell but if you don’t know how to execute the exercises, why not simply stick to dumbbell to perform easy exercises?

5. Nutrition

No matter how many burpees you perform to improve your cardio vascular fitness, muscle endurance and burn fat, without proper nutrition, all in vain. Also at times it can cause adverse effects like muscle loss.

6. Rest

Performing exercises for same muscle groups everyday can lead you to overtraining and injury. Plan your workout accordingly to avoid over training.

7. Sleep

Due to being idle and out of boredom our sleep schedule is completely disturbed. Try and sleep early and wake up on time so that the body functions properly from within.

8. Don’t ignore injuries

Don’t start any training if you have any pains and aches from any previous or current injury. Seek out a doctor, especially physiotherapist and start only when physiotherapist allows you to.

9. Hire a fitness expert!

Thanks to technology, we can now train on video call with a fitness coach. Hire a coach so that the coach can help you to train you with proper form and technique with guiding you at every repetition you are performing and a well-designed nutrition and exercise plan.

10. Choose wisely

Performing an exercise with wrong form and technique can cause an adverse effect. At times, it can be severe. If you continue to perform exercises with wrong form and technique, it might lead to severe injuries, which might require surgeries. Surgeries are usually costly. Why not spend that much amount of money or even less to hire a coach to train you, who can help you get your dream physique or your optimum fitness level? What’s better? Going through the pain and agony and paying a fortune for an injury or a good and fit body with a happy mind? Choose wisely.

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