Bajrang Punia: Athlete's Fitness is Winning Base

Apart from sports training, it is his diet and workout schedule - the foundation of his strength and stamina. Read about his recent rise to Gold and passion for fitness.

Bajrang Punia: Athlete's Fitness is Winning Base

This month 27 years old Bajarang Punia won gold in Matteo Pallicone ranking series event in Rome and became the world’s top wrestler in the men’s freestyle 65 kg category. Apart from sports training, it is his diet and workout schedule - the foundation of his strength and stamina.

Bajrang Punia, gold medalist of Matteo Pallicone ranking series in men’s 65 kg freestyle wrestler is an inspiration to all the youth of India. The way he represented India in this event by winning is remarkable. The outstanding outcome is the result of continuous hard work and dedication he putted in his practice. This win was never an easy task, in fact, pandemic also made it more difficult for him. The unwanted break in any athlete’s life is scary because it disturbs their routine and make it more difficult for them to again pick up the required rhythm. But in case of Punia, he opted the pandemic rather as an opportunity than a problem.

Punia’s fitness is his ride to victory

The techniques and tricks of an athlete play an important role in his/her victory. Still it cannot be denied that fitness also is a major part behind one’s victory. Punia's story resonates this fact. In his case, fitness has bigger share. Bajrang is a person who came from a village where there is no one to give him proper diet chart to follow. But he was never less in any way than others with proper diet plan. The reason is his fitness. Since his childhood, he was given the dairy products like milk and ghee and he is very used to this ‘desi diet’ which indeed is very remarkable.

Punia is very fond of his desi diet and desi way of workout. According to him old school exercises like ‘dand’ which means push - ups and ‘Baithak’ means squats are always a good way to workout. These desi exercises are the reason why the people from villages are always in good health with fit body. Addition of ‘Vyayam’ in his workout regimen also has its good share as it helps in making his physical strengths better.

The victory in this event, took him closer to his dream of winning gold in Olympics. For this victory and preparation of upcoming Olympics, he sacrificed many luxuries like social media and quality time with family. In the lockdown period he was living far from his family just to prepare for the Olympics and this event. When everybody else was spending quality time with their family he was alone practicing hard for the upcoming victory. In the meantime, he really took care of his fitness by having proper diet and workout plan. As he knew that only a fit athlete can compete and win the match. In fact, before taking break from social media he used to ask his fans to do daily workout and share their videos with him! It shows that how much he cares about fitness. This is the best learning you all can take from Bajrang Punia that fitness is the key to your success.

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