Asthma & Diet By Avni Kaul

What are the reasons of increasing in the number of people suffering from asthma in recent years?

Asthma & Diet By Avni Kaul

It has been noticed that there has been an increase in the number of people suffering from asthma in recent years. Also, that people have started eating processed food more often than fresh fruits and vegetables thereby denying themselves a well-rounded diet leading to a number of lifestyle diseases. Asthma may also be caused due to food allergies and food intolerance  which occur when your immune system over-reacts to specific proteins in foods.

No direct connection has been found to link asthma with a particular diet. However, eating fresh nutritious food improves your overall health which in any case gives you sufficient immunity against the onset of any disease which includes asthma.

Sometimes, obesity causes asthma which can be checked by eating a balanced diet and maintaining healthy weight.

Adding Vitamin D rich foods to your diet like milk and eggs, betacarotene rich foods like carrots and green leafy vegetables and magnesium rich foods like spinach and pumpkin may support lung function which may lead to fewer asthma attacks. Apples and bananas are highly recommended too to prevent asthma attacks because of their antioxidant and potassium content. Magnesium can also be inhaled through a nebulizer to treat asthma attacks.

Besides fresh fruits and vegetables, include foods with Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, tuna and sardines and flaxseed to get overall health benefits and boost your immunity. Omega-6 fats and trans-fats found in some margarines and processed foods should be avoided as far as possible for they worsen all health problems.

Some asthma patients are sensitive to salicylates found in coffee, tea, some herbs and spices and it is best for them to avoid them.

Asthma patients are sometimes allergic to chemical preservatives, flavourings and colourings found in processed and fast food. They may also be allergic to dairy products, shellfish, wheat and nuts. It is best to get your allergies diagnosed and then only give up some of these healthy foods so that you do not miss out on their nutritional content.

Prevention is always better than a cure and it holds true for asthma as much as any other illness. Tobacco smoke, pollution in the form of dust, pollen etc, unclean surroundings and pets, high level of humidity, cold weather are some of the triggers that can bring about the onset of asthma and therefore, they should be avoided as much as possible.

Healthy lifestyle which includes nutritious diet and regular exercise complement asthma treatment and sometimes prevent asthma attacks too. However, a doctor should always be consulted in case of emergency  and otherwise too so that you are able to lead a normal life.

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