Asia's Largest Health, Sports and Fitness Festival

IHFF – Big Muscles Nutrition presents Sheru Classic 2019 (Pragati Maidan, Delhi). The world will be there from July 5, 2019 to July 7, 2019! This article lets you know all about the revolutionary festival, its vision and purpose.

Asia's Largest Health, Sports and Fitness Festival

This is the 4th year since the advent of IHFF – when Mr. Manish Gandhi collaborated with Mr. Sheru Aangrish for Sheru Classic; the journey has been a strategic roller-coaster ride for the IHFF team. Let’s see how the paradigm shift in the Indian health, sports and fitness industry was initiated through this innovative platform.

The motive was to create accessibility, awareness and maximum benefits for the masses and create branding, marketing and networking lobby for brands. Also, the very thoughtful decision of bringing the international bodybuilding platform right here for athletes where they can compete without spending a fortune and winners can get a pro card too.

The opportunities it brought forth for the B2C and B2B together, is a case-study for businesses in the same sector. Particularly, in India, where no such platform existed which brought all the key players of the industry and the masses together under one roof. The energy and buzz of the fair every year has been increasing multi-fold.

Year 2016, IHFF was launched with a vision of bringing a plethora of opportunities, networking lobby for brands, masses and industry interface, fitness and bodybuilding competitions, showcases, promotions, fitness media, fitness icons from across the world – all under one roof! The vision carried the noble purpose of integrating the Indian health, sports and fitness industry with the world and propel its growth. Any new idea when kicks in, does run a risk, but putting aside this thought, a well-planned and researched plan was put into place, executed, and the first attempt became a success. There were cues of people and participants outside the hall.

Year 2017, saw more participation in terms of brands and masses and 2018, became a block-buster hit with the 3-days of IHFF in October (Mumbai) having approximately 120, 000 people walking in. The phenomenal success of the show pertains to the increasing health and fitness consciousness among the common people. It further got an expression with IHFF happening year after year. Not only happening, the game-changing factor of its success lies in its evolution with changing trend of the world and need of the nation synced in. Especially, the work they put it to uplift Indian athletes.

The vision of IHFF is clearly backed by think-tanks which bring in finesse with each passing year, given that health, sports and fitness is not a field you can play with. This kind of fair, needs expertise, resources and of course, strategy. Unlike other product and service based fairs, a health, sports and fitness fair takes into account overall aspects which include geography, health-demography, economy, brand propositions, athlete, icons and people management and what not!

IHFF is organized in 3 major cities in India every year now – Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore (new addition in 2019). Right now, the nation is looking forward to Asia’s Largest Health, Sports and Fitness Festival: IHFF – Big Muscles Nutrition presents Sheru Classic 2019 which is scheduled to be held from July 5, 2019 to July 7, 2019 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

The coming up highlights of the show are the stalwarts of fitness sports industry –Jeremy Buendia, Guru Mann, Varinder Singh Ghuman, Yatinder Singh, JunaidKaliwala, Deepika Chowdhury, Anand Arnold, and many more. The festival has front running leading fitness and sports industry brands in India like Big Muscles Nutrition, Being Strong, Fitline, Fitness World, KFS, Steadfast Nutrition, Avvatar, Fast & Up and Himalaya Quista Pro. The regular visitors and fans of IHFF know that the festival is expanding its dimensions every year.

‘Dress your body well but dress your soul stronger!’ – I would like to leave this message inspired by this story of IHFF. Be There!

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