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Asian Super Model Shares his Unconventional Workout Routine!

Bodyandstrength.com talked to this extremely handsome and chivalrous super model on phone before doing his coverage in Mumbai last year – Prateek Jain, Mr. India World 2014 and Asian Super Model 2015. We bet you never thought of workouts like he does!

Prateek Jain is different in his approach towards life, is passionate about his workouts, experiments with them. He is an MMA fighter as well. He brings in all his experience and shares his favorite, customizedand unconventional workouts with you here. Mr. India World 2014 and Asian Super Model 2015.

Prateek Jain starts by giving his introduction and then moves on to tell you about his interesting workouts. Once you have expertise in performing pull-ups then you can try this new variation of muscle-ups, you can start from normal bar and then can gain momentum later gradually. It is like climbing a wall or a building and momentum of your body plays the pivotal role in performing this particular workout. You have to swing your body and perform similar movement as you would do in climbing up a building. It is a full-body exercise and involves almost all the muscles in your body.

Prateek makes his own workouts and almost all the exercises he does work on multiple muscles. He says that it depends on body to body, his physique has a different conditioning because he has been doing these variants for years now. He emphasizes that what he is sharing is his own workouts and are unconventional, not to be found elsewhere. He is putting up these exercises so that people know what does he do to keep up with a robust physique. Especially, arms, back and shoulders get a well-defined shredded look because of muscle-ups which he does.

Next exercise is a variant of push-ups. This is not that difficult and will take a little practice to do it perfectly. You have to take position like in standard push-up with hands shoulder length apart and then you have to sway from side to side. People who wish to have flatter chest with a box shape upper torso, this workout targets their chest muscles. He says that he like to be on a leaner side, and wouldn’t target to have a bulky physique and choice of workout solely depends upon what kind of physique you are aim at.

Prateek is also into martial arts and has played MMA. He makes the session with the camera more interesting with an MMA conditioning workout which is again only done by him. MMA fighter have to keep elbows etc. in a conditioned stage. Elbows are used to block the opponent and keep the defense up. The elbows have to be really strong for the same. This workout will strengthens your elbows and conditions them. Prateek clearly seems to be in love with MMA while explaining about this sport.

Next workout focuses on core muscels, you can earn six-packs or even eight-packs, if your genetics allows that! Whatever you are aiming at a strong core is indispensable for a great physique. If you wish to do it the way he does then you have to start with a basic stage keeping the knee on the ground and then extend your body, then gradually work up to the level of intermediate and then advanced as Prateek does it. He clearly states that if you do it without support like he does, it can affect your lower back so you have to go slow and be cautious. This workout targets your obliques and core.

Compound workouts are beneficial for your back muscles like deadlifts and rowing etc. Next workout is again an unconventional workout which Prateek himself does and counts on its benefits which give you a well-shredded aesthetic definition to your upper and lower back.

Next is squats, which a difference because Prateek Jain chooses to do it keeping his feet very close rather than wide-leg or shoulder-width squats. You can practice it with less weights. His lifts target multiple muscles. This one targets shoulders as well. When he keeps the weight on his back and goes down, he has to go extreme down till ‘ass to grass’ approach and then lift up. You can do 10 to 15 to 20 reps per set, depending upon your capacity and you can achieve the shredded legs as Prateek has.

If doing squats with bar is difficult for you then you can use dumbbells with whatever weights your body allows you. Take a dumbbell, hold it with both the hands, place your legs close and go as down as possible and then come back up. Do it slow with the correct form while performing any exercise because it is the most important thing in any kind of movement. It is important to check your form and posture otherwise people run into life-threatening injuries.

The last exercise which he does is weighted muscle-ups which is hard-core advanced version of muscles-ups. Start with pull-ups then do muscle-ups and after that raise your bar up with weighted muscle ups. He doesn’t recommend it to the people because it depends on body to body, how much and in what manner it can take different kinds of movements, especially, the unconventional ones.

One must go slow and must not experiment with your movements until you have already reached advanced level of regular exercises and wish to give your body a different challenge. It didn’t take one day to improve his physique, but 8-10 years of consistent hard work to land up an aesthetic physique and a ‘Greek-God’ demeanor.  He was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is an arthritic condition of spine but it didn’t stop him from achieving his fitness goals and he infuses inspiration to the readers to not to let anything stop you, be consistent, careful and determined.

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