Anand Arnold – How A Star Broke and then Built himself!

My competitor is same in all the competitions and that competitor is ME. ‘Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want.’

Anand Arnold – How A Star Broke and then Built himself!

Anand Arnold created history yet again and seems like he is competing with himself every time and is excelling his performance towards perfection in the field of bodybuilding. He has recently won a silver at Mr. Olympia (Wheelchair) and made India proud on the coveted international platform. He was also conferred with the title of ‘Best Poser’ on the stage. It was indeed a ‘goosebumps’ moment for this brave, grounded and inspirational athlete. met him in person for the first time at IHFF (Delhi) 2018 and was in awe of this person who oozed an aura of a winner already. A chiseled body, a warm smile and a courteous public behavior as his fans thronged around him for pictures and autographs. Oh yes! To tell you the truth, we talked to him still we didn’t even notice the wheelchair.

The Journey Driven by Passion for Bodybuilding

How does a person feel when he loses his legs at the age of 15, after fighting with the life threatening disease called cancer? Would he feel like ending his life to escape from the crisis or try to face all the problems that comes on his way with grit and determination?

According to the statistics more than one million people commit suicide per year in our country. But here we have an inspirational bodybuilder who in spite of his physical limitations, won over all the challenges and competed in bodybuilding shows.  32-year-old Anand Arnold, an athlete who refused to accept defeat from destiny, won everyone’s hearts and medals too.

Anand Arnold began bodybuilding when he was 13 years old and won his first title at an early age. It has always been a passion for this athlete.  At the age of 15, tragedy struck the young fitness enthusiast as he was diagnosed with cancer in his lower spinal cord and after surgery, he was left paralyzed. He was depressed, a lot hurt but he set his heart, mind, body and soul together to fight all the obstacles which were hell bent on crashing his dreams.

For 3 years, Anand was bedridden. Soon he overcame the tragic incident in a spectacular manner. He began intensive training once again and did not let his disability hold him back. Training on wheelchair was not easy. It was more of a challenge for him to work again on the platform.  For an average person, it takes several weeks, months but for him it takes a year for competition. As a warrior, he executed all his workouts without taking any supplements or steroids. Another big challenge which stood in front of him is to raise funds for his training. No one helped him in raising his career in bodybuilding. Anand battled his own demons through his physical ability, strengthened his mind and belief in God. He believes that if you give your hundred percent and work towards your goals with sincerity, God helps you at every step. The challenges in his life made him stronger. He was physically and spiritually evolved and is able to lead others to success now. He is a legendary bodybuilder as he defied all the challenges put forth by destiny in front of him.

He started winning titles when he trained his back, he has been crowned thrice time Mr. India and 12 times Mr. Punjab. Not only this, he also has 27 more titles. He became the face of Muscle Mania endorsing the brand Many brands wish to be endorsed by him.

‘Weightless: A True Story of Courage and Inspiration’ is the name of a book written by Author Allen Woodman. In this book, he has written about Anand Arnold’s motivational journey. Arnold participated in the reality show - India’s Got Talent where they named him India’s Superman not only this he was being recognized by famous personalities too.

Anand Arnold exemplifies himself as a true winner in every possible sense. All the people who are thrown aback by life at one point can rise again, fight again and win over them. If he can do it, everyone can. If your dreams call you, don’t let anything stop you. Our team will bring your more from Arnold right here!


  • Olympia 2018 Silver Medalist
  • Olympia 2018 – ‘Best Poser’
  • Overall champion Gold Medalist Mr. World 2016
  • Gold Medalist Overall champion 2017 Mr. North India
  • Gold Medalist Mr. India arm-wrestling
  • 10 times Overall Mr. Punjab
  • 3 times Mr. India
  • 1 time Mr. North India
  • Sukhnandan Classic
  • Total More than 44 tittles winner
  • Participated in India's got talent & South India’s got talent
  • Soon will be seen in Bollywood movies
  • Biography named Weightless -A true story of courage & determination

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