An Engineer who Helps people Build a Fit Life - Swarnali Saha

“Fitness is my lifestyle”, says Swarnali Saha, whose transformationis an example for youngsters whose life lack self-discipline.

An Engineer who Helps people Build a Fit Life - Swarnali Saha

Swarnali Saha’s willingness to bring positive changes in her lifestyle and the results she got, inspired her into fitness. She decided to transform in the final year of engineering in 2017. It was when she gained a lot of weight due to unhealthy lifestyle. This decision of Swarnali was full of determination and she transformed herself in an amazing way.

Swarnali says that the myths about women doing weight training fooled her initially but as she educated herself, she came to know the reality and now she is trying to encourage more women to get into weight training. Her spirit and dedication towards fitness is not different than any other achievers when it comes to body transformation.

What sets her apart is that she handled her studies and fitness goals without losing focus on life. Not many young people nowadays are able to enthuse that kind of discipline in their lives. 

Here she shares her basic workout regime:

“It totally depends on my goals and prep season. Currently I am doing push- pull split with little bit more focus on shoulder, glutes and hamstring.”

Here she shares her basic diet:

“It totally depends on my prep but usually I am on high protein diet with moderate carbs and fats.”

With regards to time management to stay fit, Swarnali says, “Fitness is my lifestyle. So, I have routinely arranged everything according to it, starting from morning till I go to sleep. I have made healthy mindful eating and exercising a part of my daily lifestyle.”

In her message to the people who want to transform, Swarnali says,” Don’t listen to people. Let them talk against you, against your goals, laugh at you, make fun of you. You do what makes you grow. Now they will ask why are you doing this, later they will ask how did you do it.”

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