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An Active Lifestyle can Fight Off Depression!

Stress induced depression has taken over most of the people in world like an epidemic. While there are many types of depressions, some of the people are born with that trait and hence, it can be controlled in them, not cured. While stress induced depression can always be cured by focusing on your overall health.

An Active Lifestyle can Fight Off Depression!

Mental health is not something to be talked about only on world mental health day. It is a topic of discussion and paying attention to, in everyday life. You can easily sense when you are getting stressed out – your capacity to perform day to day task starts decreasing and you feel blocked mentally, you are not able to concentrate like you used to do earlier, you get tired unreasonably and cannot handle the pressure of deadlines at work in the same spirit in which you used to do earlier. If this change happened in a few days or months or for that matter one or two years, it is certainly not the age or any other illness. It is most likely that you have accumulated stress in the back of your mind!

It is important to notice this change in your body and mind, once you start acknowledging the change, you need to start working on the same. You need to give yourself the priority while there is still time. Because this very stress and low performance breeds negativity inside you and that very negativity interferes with your immune system. It becomes difficult for you to recover from normal illnesses, you become more prone to catch infections, even if you feel that you are actively doing your work at the office! Stress affects your body, your health and your capacity in strange ways. So it is imperative that you pay attention if you are feeling any of the above mentioned traits.

Once you have located the problem of stress, it is time to fight it off. Before rushing to the doctor or hospitals for check-ups (if there is no chronic disease you are fighting), you must make some necessary changes in your lifestyle. If you think that you are not able to do it alone, talk to others and ask for their help, he or she could be anyone in the family or friends in whatever way they can help you bring about that change. Start from little changes like replacing fried foods and sugar in your diet with more healthy options like salads, juices, fruits, green tea, dry fruits, eggs, milk and soups etc. You will notice that natural foods are not only healthy but improve your mood too.

You can gradually progress in a week to attend group fitness classes like pilate, yoga, zumba and dance etc., where you meet people trying to improve like you. Morning and evening walks always help in lifting up the mood and keeping stress at bay apart from keeping you fit. Even doctors will ask you to do it. Once you go through a schedule for a month, you can always go for variations in exercises, and opt for lifting workouts under able instructor so that you increase your overall strength.

This regimen will eventually help your mind focus on more important thing – YOU. Once you connect with yourself, you know that no stress is worth sacrificing your health whether mental or physical. You learn to stay unaffected yet deliver performance because you find your stamina increased after a few months of following a set regimen, good and fresh diet. Stress can be warded off by using advice of a certified nutritionist through food as well if you are already exercising. Meditation and yoga have an overall good effect on your mind and body alike, it is a wholesome regimen to follow and is an essential part of daily schedule even in rehabilitation centers.

It is Mental Health Week this October, let us remind ourselves that it is mind which controls the operations of your body. If your mind is feeling sick, you must take care of it because it has to take care of whole of your body, your works and your dreams in life.

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