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Amit Sobti - This Model is a Fitness Freak!

It is heard more often that fitness is a lifestyle but here, fitness became the medium of styling life – Amit Sobti’s inspiring journey and his rise in modeling world is an example to prove it. Read further to know more about him.

Amit Sobti - This Model is a Fitness Freak!

You can’t think of a career in showbiz without sporting a good physique these days. Until your acting skills surpass your appearance on screen exceptionally. But it is more than just a good face and good physique, we are talking about the confidence and the health advantage you get over others if you are fit and follow a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to modelling, it is primarily all about looks, confidence and then overall personality because you are into showing off clothes and accessories, donning them, walking the ramp. If it is not the ramp in commercials you have to look your best while delivering a winning performance for the brand you are representing.

Here, we will share journey of young raring to go, very popular model – Amit Sobti. How being fit changed his lifestyle and opened up new avenues in his life. He was born in a middle class family in Chandigarh. He completed his schooling in Ambala and then pursued Engineering in Electronics and Communication stream. Deep down, only he knew that what his quest was for. He knew he was not perhaps made for engineering profession and dreamt of achieving something different than regular. He was attracted towards the world of fashion. He, hence, couldn’t convince himself for a 9 to 5 job.

Here lied the risk of leaving all his hard work, after completing his engineering, he left the comparatively more secure jobs behind and entered the rather unpredictable world of modeling. But it didn’t seem a very sane decision given that he had a very lean physique not fit for being a model at all!

The challenge looked at him straight into his eyes in the mirror and he had no other option other than to combat it and win for his dreams. He was lucky that he didn’t fell victim to society’s pressure as he has a very supporting and strong mother. With her support by his side, he started to work on his physique.

From day one, he was very consistent and determined because after taking a major decision of his life, there was no way he could turn back. He worked out regularly, was consistent in his efforts and religiously followed his diet plans. Workout without the right balanced diet is worthless and it is the overall effort which you put in that bears results in the end. Same happened with him. His physique got better with time and there came a time that he looked forward to appear for auditions.

His hard work paid off and he was selected in the audition! Then he kick-started on the journey of his dreams – Hedid Vogue Runway Fashion Week, Lucknow Fashion Week and many other prestigious shows.

Life took its test when just two weeks before my competition, he met with an accident. But he decided to push himself and let it not deter his focus towards his goal. He kept following his routine of proper diet, running, dancing and working out in the gym and prepared himself for the biggest challenge of his life.

In the year 2018, he entered into the Best Model of the World competition held at Istanbul, Turkey. He put in all his skills and all that he prepared for with confidence there, keeping faith in his dreams and his loved ones’ prayers. All of it together, made him a winner on the stage. As I walked away with the title, he realized that he has actually excelled where many young men like him from different parts of the world participated, it was actually a huge victory for him apart from the fact that he did his country proud on the international stage as well.

This is how a fit lifestyle is capable of preparing you for your dreams, whether it is just being more active, to being fit enough to deliver your targets timely, or winning on-stage competitions – you can achieve anything what you set your focus at. Working out regularly and eating healthy, also develop patience and determination in you for you to be consistent in any work you take up, in a disciplined way.

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