Amandeep Singh: An Athlete and Entrepreneur plus A Grateful Family Man

I breathed, re-centered myself and then came back as I didn’t have enough knowledge of fitness industry.

Amandeep Singh: An Athlete and Entrepreneur plus A Grateful Family Man

I am Amandeep Singh and I am from Amritsar, Punjab. I am a post graduate from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. During college life in B.A. (first year), I was inspired from one of my class-mate who is a professional bodybuilder. Then I thought about bodybuilding game. After 4 years in the field of bodybuilding sport, I took a break as I didn’t have enough knowledge about it. In 2007, I started a supplements’ shop in Amritsar with the name of Nutrition Mart. As my business picked up with time, I met a lot of bodybuilding athletes. Finally in 2011, I decided to start the game again at the age of 28.

My business was settled and I could afford the game easily. Bodybuilding and travelling abroad are my passions. For basic knowledge of Nutrition and weight training, I decided to join some course. As advised, I joined International Federation of Bodybuilding UK, it is a London based academy for basic and professional knowledge. During the course, I met UK’s top pro athletes who motivated me. Now I am IFBB UK London certified weight trainer 2011, IFBB UK London  certified personal trainer 2012 and IFBB UK London certified sports Nutritionist 2012.

After certification in weight training and nutrition I started preparing for Bodybuilding. My business and bodybuilding both go hand in hand as both complement each other and belong to the same field of fitness. My network in bodybuilding boosts my business. In between, World Championship Italy, Mr. Universe (Italy), Open Europe Championship (Italy). There were some problems which I was facing during this time from my partner. She never supported and liked my sport. In the starting of 2016, my partner hit me during normal quarrel. I was badly hurt and lost all hope of continuing with my game because of serious injuries in both my shoulders. I was on treatment for almost 6 months by the grace of God, I got recovered. During this phase, I got separated from my partner too.

I started my game again and this time I was in new relationship who could understand my passion. With her support, I again started to prepare for Arnold Classic Europe 2017. I ended up 7th place out of 28 athletes. I was happy with my performance. My office was handled by my cooperative friends at the backend. I used to go to gym at 9am morning and ended up my workout session at 11am. After a little rest, I took my first meal then I moved to office in the evening. I used to take rest from 4pm to 6pm. I give time to shop for 2 hours and after closing the store I go for posing practice for half an hour during competition time. All my meals are prepared by my partner according to my need. I used to take 6 to 7 meals a day. I also used some supplements according to the need.

I used to go gym 6 days in a week. I believe in moderate heavy weight training. I focus on muscles with controlled weight. I do cardio 20 minutes after workout. I used to hit 4 sets of one part of body muscle with 6 to 8 reps. I keep my Sundays reserved for some family time.

In 2018, I decided to participate in local competitions in India for gaining more experience while my target is to bring Medal in Amateur Olympia and Arnold Classic. In between, I participated in  number of competitions and gained good experience on how to perform on stage.

Finally, I chose Amateur Olympia San Marino Italy and Arnold classic Barcelona Spain championship together to participate because both had one week’s difference and both were my favourite tourist place in Europe. I won 2 Golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze as I participated in bodybuilding and classic pysique at Amateur Olympia San Marino Italy and in Arnold Classic Barcelona, I secured 5th place.

My father always supported me financially and always motivated my moral. My Mom always prayed for me. My wife takes my dream as her dream, without her I could have achieved nothing. My daughter always calls me a champion and wishes that I bring more and more trophies and medals.


  • 2 Time Inter-college Gold Medal
  • IBFA Mr. World 2013 Italy 5th place
  • IBFA Europe championship Italy 2014 1st place
  • IBFA Mr. Universe Italy 2016 participant
  • Arnold classic Spain 2017 seventh 7th place
  • Many times state champion Gold Medalist
  • 1 Time North India Bronze Medal
  • 1 Time WFF Federation cup 2018 Gold Medal
  • 1 Time Mr. India 2018 Gold Medal
  • Amateur Olympia Mumbai 2017 Top 10
  • Amateur Olympia Kuwait 2018 Top 10
  • Sheru classic: 5th place Bodybuilding 70kg, 5th place in Classic Physique
  • Amateur Olympia San Marino Italy 2018
  • 1 Gold Medal in Novice Bodybuilding up to 80kg
  • 1 Silver Medal in 75kg
  • 1 Gold Medal in Novice Classic Physique
  • 1 Bronze Medal in Classic Physique class A
  • Arnold classic Barcelona Spain 30 (2018): 5th place in 75kg class

Diet Plan:

I manipulate carbs, protein and fats according to my season or off-season diet.

Wake up time: 5g leucine-10g glutamine-5g EAAs-30g vitargo-20g hydrowhey

After 1 hour: meal 1/50g oatmeal with 1 banana, 20g hydrowhey, 6egg whites (+1 yolk), multivitamin-multimineral--2x Liv.52 and 8.45 pre workout drink 

9 am: I go to Gym

During Workout: 20gm BCAA

Post workout: 40gm hydro whey isolate, 30gm vitargo carbs, 5gm glutamine

After 30 to 60 minutes: 200g white rice-200g chicken breast-100g green asparagus 5g EAAs

After 2-3 hours: 200g sweet potatoes-200g chicken breast or fish-100g broccoli-15g olive - 5g leucine

After 2-3 hours: 200g white rice-200g chicken or fish-100g spinach-5g EAAs

After 2-3 hours: 200g sweet potatoes-200g chicken-200g green salad-15g olive oil-5g leucine-2xliv.52

Before bed: 8 egg whites-2 yolks or sometimes casein protein, 10gm glutamine-1g GABA-3mg, melatonin-3x ZMA-5g, EAAs-2xcystone

Water Intake: At least 4-6 liters in a day

Sleep: 8 to 10 hours that is 8 hours at night and 1 to 2 hours in the afternoon

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