Akanksha Aggarwal: A Teacher's Motivating Transformation!

Akanksha Aggarwal tells you what all you can do with a steel strong will-power. She not only shed kilos but became strong enough by sweating it hard and following a nutritious diet. Read further to know her story.

Akanksha Aggarwal: A Teacher's  Motivating Transformation!

As a teenager my lifestyle consisted of eating too much of junk food (lunch,dinner and worst was my snacking), watching television series and to make matter worse I wasn't exercising at all. This awful habit stayed with me till 2016, where I reached my highest weight of 78 kg and this was the point when I decided enough was enough.

I remembered one day, when I went for shopping and selected a very pretty dress and when I tried it, it was unfit to me, that day I felt so embarrassed of myself.

Then I began to realize how uncomfortable I was with nearly everything in my life, my body,my lifestyle, being sick all the time, unfit in seats and dresses and being a girls it’s most embarrassed thing, being constructed to only buying 'XXL' size clothes only.

I was so embarrassed with my body that I used to stay at home,never clicked pictures or uploaded. And the list went on and on. All use to taunt me about my weight and most embarrassment was not to fit in dresses. Then I decided to join gym in October 2016.My goal was to be fit.

Firstly, I make habit of going regular and for better results I took personal training which helped me a lot in my journey of fat to fit. In 3 months I lose my 22 Kg which give me a lot of confidence, which helped me in interacting with new people. I see a new change,beautiful change in my body. Now I can wear any dress of my choice. 

I believe that nothing is impossible. I was struggling so hard with my nutrition and actually getting my ass up to make a change. 

IT'S A JOURNEY. Appreciate your strength to smash your goals even if you don't feel well,love yourself for putting in all the hard work and be patient!

I've changed my eating habits altogether by educating myself every single day. I did a lot of HIIT workouts to lose body fat and I was weightlifting which really helped me to lose fat and show off my curves. Working out is my therapy and I never felt that strong in my entire life.

I am still on my journey and let me tell you, it's a sweaty one but it's definitely WORTH IT!

Previous lifestyle- used to be lazy, a girl with less confidence , embarrassed to take pictures and hardly interact with anyone, disgusting eating habits, not caring about my health .

Transformed lifestyle- energized, feeling empowered and motivated,built a confidence, caring about my nutrition and most importantly, now I am happy and strong.

I am into teaching line but side by side have done shoots and soon will venture into modeling. And this confidence has built after getting fit from fat.

The most difficult part was sacrificing outside food as I used to be a food lover and in the starting, I felt difficulty in running because of heavy weight.

Being a girl, most embarrassing thing is to be unfit in choice of herdresses. When on my birthday eve, I went for shopping there was a dress but when I tried it out, it was unfit to me. Because of heavy weight I was feeling very lazy and was losing my confidence. Then I felt that enough is enough. In October 2016, I decided to join gym and started working out.

Basic Workout Schedule

After joining gym, firstly, I made habit of going regular and used to do cardio for weight loss. Then I took knowledge of weight loss and fat loss and started working out accordingly.

  • Monday- shoulder + sides + abs
  • Tuesday- legs (quads) +glutes+ cardio
  • Wednesday- chest + triceps+ abs 
  • Thursday - functional + sides
  • Friday- back + biceps + sides
  • Saturday- legs (hamstring) + glutes+ cardio
  • Sunday - rest for the muscles

Basic Diet

I used to change my diet according to my body needs. But in starting I used to follow:

  1. 1 glass milk+ 2 digestive biscuits + 10 almonds
  2. Green veggies + paneer
  3. 1 scoop protein
  4. 2 omelets of 6 egg-whites each with 1brown bread +green tea
  5. 1 spoon peanut butter+ 2 digestive biscuits+ green coffee
  6. 1scoop protein after workout
  7. Boiled green veggies
  8. 10 egg-whites only
  9. Green tea

I used to take meal after every 2 hours of gap.I was too dedicated to follow it for first three months with little changes after every two weeks, and that I had my first cheat meal after three months. 

Diet after Transformation

  1. Lemon water
  2. Half fry+ bread+ Milk
  3. An apple
  4. Lunch- half fry+ dal + salad (cucumber, beans, broccoli ) 
  5. Green tea with lemon
  6. Before workout- black coffee+ a spoon of peanut butter and 10 almonds
  7. After workout- one scoop of protein 
  8. Dinner- boiled chicken + green boiled veggies
  9. Green tea

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