Age, Injury and Responsibilities – Nothing Stops Richard James

Retirement! What? Exactly! That’s his reaction on the word ‘Retirement’. He broke this stereotype. He encountered all the struggles with grit and dedication.

Age, Injury and Responsibilities – Nothing Stops Richard James

Richard James is a 53-year-old Indian bodybuilder who has broken stereotypes. The age when people start preparing for a relaxing retirement ahead, he is still sweating out steady in the gym and has inspired his son 23 years old soon to follow his footsteps and now, he has won international bodybuilding titles to his credit. Richard was born in a Christian family and his father was an army officer cum a boxer. His brothers are into sports and this inspired him to take up sports. He started long distance running following them.

Hence, fitness is in his bloodline and it is not surprising to know that he chose developed a passion for bodybuilding as he grew up. He started his gym training a few years back in a local gym under a former Mr. India. There he used to train with others who were not guided enough, made mistakes, over-trained and therefore, they ended up injuring themselves in the process too. When he started off, there were no gyms, forget about having proper guidance. He used to read magazines for gaining knowledge about bodybuilding and fitness. Today, his son uses apps for the same. The times have changed still his son Kevin admits that his bodybuilding goals wouldn’t have been achieved at all had it not been his father, who has been the stronghold support, guidance, trainer and inspiration for him.

Every struggle was confronted with grit and determination by Richard until one day when the real challenge struck him and he was left depressed and wondering how to move further towards his goals and live his life the way he wished to. He met an injury in his lumber spine with his L4 and L5 severed, he couldn’t even walk without support. Doctors advised him surgery to heal. But Richard took the decision of not sorting to surgery and find an alternative treatment for the same. He was determined to get fit, in fact fitter than before. He was young then and imagining a future like that pumped up his grit to push harder. He recovered with time and started with his workout regimen once again.

Professionally, Richard has been a buying agent who has been sourcing clothes and textile for companies across the globe. He has deftly carried out his day to day business operations apart from following a disciplined workout routine. He believes that one’s good health and fitness forms the base for a fulfilled life ahead. This is the reason he diligently passed on his legacy to his son Kevin.

Richard changes his workout regime every week. If Monday is legs and shoulders, Tuesday are arms and cardio (HIIT or 30 mins on the tread mill), Wednesday are chest or back, Thursday is rest or cardio and abs. His weeks are concentrated on doing different types of training, concentration, high volume and de-loading. For him working on smaller muscle groups like cuff rotation is equally important. According to him, lower back is the most underworked part of body.   

His struggles in life helped to develop his strengths. Without struggles and pain, person can never grow and get stronger, it’s important for everyone to tackle challenges on its own, and not rely on help from others all the time.

He is an inspiration for everyone who thinks that after an age, people don’t change, forget about building muscles.

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He is a Delhi based athlete. He participated in International competition in last year under masters over 50 years of age.

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