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Age Defying Fitness - by Jinnie GC

Who doesn’t want to look young always? How much so ever be our acceptance of age, and the concept of ageing gracefully, yet we all have the innate desire to defy age. The only way you can do is not with any magic potion but with a fit lifestyle. Here, Jinnie gives mantras to stay young.

Age Defying Fitness - by Jinnie GC

Medical science tells about degeneration of cells, and the normal ageing process that affects all the tissues and cells of a human body. Medically, it is proven that FITNESS and an active lifestyle can definitely defy, if not reverse the process of ageing.

An active lifestyle, healthy eating habits and positivity go a long way in the fitness journey of any individual.

Many a researches have proven that people who have been active for a good many years in their lives, have shown slow signs of ageing. Many a times, the researches have been conducted for a small group, for a comparison between the active/non-active people. It has been found that the active group had better response to diminishing physical abilities, and even on diseases such as osteoporosis. The greater and better health of older exercisers compared to their sedentary counterparts can lead people to believe physical activity can reverse or slow down the ageing process.

Of course, people who have active lifestlye are also watchful of their respective diets and have control over their caffeine, smoke and alcohol intake. It’s actually an interdependent equation.

Surprisingly, the fact is that the older person who is active, is just as he is supposed to be, and the inactive one aged much faster. So, if an active 80-year-old has a similar physiology to an inactive 50-year-old, it is the younger person who appears older than they should be, not the other way around. Tricky but true!!

It is a common confusion that people have, just as they relate many diseases to obesity, similarly many diseases are related to old age, or ageing. While as in the case of obesity, the opposite is the truth.

“You are not having knee pains because you are old, you are having knee pains because you are inactive, and that makes you old, confusing but the bitter truth.”

There are examples of women and men, who have been perfectly healthy even at the age of 80 plus. There’s a well known marathon runner, Bibi Mann Kaur, who was the recipient of the Prime Minister’s award recently, and she’s 103. She started running at 93!

There are people who are in their seventies, who are alien to the concepts of joint pains, Blood Pressure, Sugar and so called ailments of the elderly. The reason is their active lifestyle.

Mostly, todays sedentary lifestyle, smart phones, gadgets have been majorly responsible for the inactive lifestyle and enhancing the process of ageing. Also too much dependency on the artificial procedures and chemical treatments can’t be ignored.

The more you stay natural, the slower will be your ageing. The more you use the natural products, the better it will be for your skin, and system. No amount of serums or HGHs will do you any good, but only your lifestyle and physical activity would.

Some startling facts of today’s lifestyle:

  • 8 out of 10 people are inactive.
  • Averagely, a person spends 10-12 hours of screen time (TV,PHONE, MAILS, WORK, ENTERTAINMENT)
  • The average person takes as less as 450 steps a day
  • Diseases that were related to age, such as diabetes, and cardio vascular issues, are not common in the age group of 30-40
  • 80% people don’t spend even an hour a week on their fitness.

Sad but true. Actually, our modern sedentary lifestyles have simply speeded up our underlying age. But the good news is that not only can exercise and fitness help prevent the onset of many diseases, it can also help to cure or alleviate others, improving our quality of life.

Good fitness will not only defy your age but also make you healthier and active. You will be able to indulge in sports and fun activities for a long time, and also not be dependent on others. Even if it is climbing stairs, or going on a trek, age will just be a number for you.

It stands true, not merely for the way you look, but also on the functioning of all your vital organs.

With age, one starts loosing muscle mass, and gain fat as the metabolism also slows down. So the right food, and supplements rich in antioxidants shall be of great help.

A few basic tips

  • WORKOUT, be physically active.
  • WEIGHT TRAINING is very helpful in your fitness journey
  • Stay Natural when it comes to taking care of your skin.
  • Water is elixir- stay hydrated .
  • Avoid smoking, and over indulgence in alcohol
  • Avoid added sugar and raw salt in your food.
  • Avoid Junk and Processed Foods.
  • Make sure to have fruits and veggies
  • Always have a good stack of supplements especially omega-3 and vitamin C.
  • Stay positive, and meditate.

So kickstart your fitness journey, and defy age. You need not aim to be the top athlete, but you never know, life may give you a chance and you might find your calling.

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