Afreen became Mrs India Earth Face of South 2018 after Chidbirth

Her passion for fitness and Inner strength surprised the judges and she won the title of Mrs. Earth Face of South 2018.

Afreen became Mrs India Earth Face of South 2018 after Chidbirth

I am Afreen Khan a 32-years-old from Bangalore. I have been married for last 9 years and I am a mother of 5-year-old. I am entrepreneur by profession and fitness influencer by passion. I have recently been featured by Decathlon Sports India. I have led my life on my own terms. I have had the pleasure of working with corporate giants like Microsoft as their empanelled technical trainings partner. However my passion towards fitness has driven my life in a very different direction.

I have won the title of Mrs. India Earth Face of South 2018 and was specially acknowledged for my physical strength in the pageant when I surprised the judges in the fitness round by doing clap and single arm pushups on the stage. Being an entrepreneur is my profession but being a fitness enthusiast is something that depicts my personality on the whole.

I have lost 15 kg weight and I am learning calisthenics. I proved myself that you do not need to be a sportsperson to keep yourself fit; you can be a business owner, a working professional and yet be as fit as an athlete.

I was brought up in a Punjabi family; food was always a big part of my life and still is. The difference being, I have learnt not to starve but eat as per my body requirements. After becoming a mother I did not just gain immense weight but lost my self-confidence as a woman when my own friends started making fun of me calling me a big fat Punjabi having a midlife crisis. On top of that when I started losing weight, the same people criticised me for doing it to please others. When I realised I need to do things for myself according to myself. So what started just as a shallow attempt to look thinner became my strongest perspective towards life in general, it made me stronger not just physically but mentally too.

I work out 5 to 6 days a week and start my day early by doing strength training for around 90 minutes and then continue my official work. That one hour in the gym is my time and I don’t let anything take that away from me.

When my child was a year old and I started feeling weakness in my body so much that I could barely stand carrying her. It got worse as I suffered medical concerns like low BP, slip disc etc. in an early age. I found myself losing my identity as a woman and that scared me because I have a daughter and I had to set the right example for her to follow. Now my daughter is my biggest supporter and she works out with me when I train at home. She enjoys watching me fit and is learning about the importance of health at such a young age.

I do a combination of cardio and strength training. I love doing compound movements like deadlifts but right now my focus is calisthenics. I am learning body weight training and that is the reason I am much stronger from inside than I was when I did only weight lifting.I feel that strength when doing movements like push ups and headstands which are not easy to perform as they need core strength.

I do carb-cycling when I feel like I have hit a plateau but other than that I follow intermittent fasting on a regular basis wherein I follow a 16 hour fasting and 8 hour eating window. My regular diet includes chicken salad, 16 eggs and 2 chapattis with veggies a day.

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