Adhish Maity: A Footballer turned Bodybuilder!

From footballer to a corporate world, corporate world to a fitness model. It is such a roller-coaster journey of Adhish.

Adhish Maity: A Footballer turned Bodybuilder!

I am Adhish Maity from Mumbai. I am a bodybuilder and former professional footballer.

I am son of Mr. Bhaskar Maity who was an International Football Player, played in the 1978 Bangkok Asian Games; also one of the best Goalkeepers India has ever produced. Adding to the family credentials, my elder sister Iris Maity is a fit Super-Model.

Owning to the family background I was always into sports and that inspired me to play Handball till State Level and also represented Mumbai University Football Team at National Level. Prior to that I became a professional footballer and lastly played for Mumbai FC in the I-league.

I had to leave football to some personal reasons and done MBA in Marketing. Have been working in the corporate world with few companies like American Express, Lodha Group and currently working at a Digital Marketing Agency with a job profile looking after Google Ad words, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms.

I left football in 2011 and that is when I shifted my passion to Gym, Fitness and Bodybuilding.

I started with a body weight of 59 kg and honestly, I never thought I could ever achieve  what I am today. I reached 95 kg by the year 2014, it doesn’t sound interesting when someone turned the entire sequence of the numbers from 5-9 to 9-5.

I moved up to 99 kg with 24% body fat and when I said to myself, I will do a reverse transformation and so rightly I cut down from 99 kg to currently at 82 kg with 11% body fat.

It was never easy as I have done my transformation through natural process with no steroids and artificial supplement.

One of the most challenging times was when; I was working at Lodha Group and I used to  travel daily by local train for 3 hours from Vashi to Mahalaxmi including 9 hours of work and then used to go directly at the gym around 9 pm and workout till 10:30 pm. I have that much of passion to maintain my lifestyle and fitness routine. But as of now my workplace is in Navi Mumbai, I get more time to rest and energy to workout. I work with a shift timing 10-7 and after that I directly hit the gym.

As I had mentioned above, I had bulked upreaching around 99 kg which technically and physically allowed me to lift super heavy. My deadlift PR was around 450 Ibs and Squats was 360 Ibs. In Bench Press I have reached maximum with 120 Ibs dumbbells and with bar around 270 ibs.Currently, I am working on light and medium weight lifting concentrating more on form and posture over weights. 

Basic Diet

  • Morning: 3 Bananas and 3 Eggs
  • MidMeal: 6 Idlis
  • Lunch: 300 gm Chicken Kheema/300 gmPaneer with 2 Chapattis
  • Evening Mid meal: Muesli with 30 gm Raw Whey Protein with Milk
  • Dinner: 400-500 gm Boneless Chicken, 100 gm Curd
  • Weekends includes Rice at Lunch and 50 gmRaw Whey Protein (Chicken 750 gm)
  • Have 2 scoops of Plain black coffee
  • No sugar Intake and No sweets

Well I have completed 7 years of bodybuilding and to be honest it is possible to achieve your goal if you have determination and passion for that dream.

You need no steroids and you need no Artificial Supplements, all you need is to tell yourself that I will transform myself not to show the world; I will transform myself because I promised myself.

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