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Add these 4 workouts for leg workout – Day 6 - Legs

Episode 6 features 4 of your favorite athletes. They are presenting to you all top 4 exercises for your legs to become more structured and stronger. Mostly gym – goers forget about the leg day and tend to skip it which results in making their upper body wider and stronger but lower body thinner in comparison with upper body. To take you all out from that uncomfortable situation Body and strength with your favorite trainer/athletes presented to you the best leg exercises.

The exercises highlighted in Episode 6 of 6 Day Ultimate Mass Gain Routine are:

  • Cable Machine Squats
  • Double Leg Curl
  • Hack Squat
  • Leg Press (Giant Set)

Four featured names in fitness are:Pradeep Bhatia (Celebrity Trainer), Moirangthem Robi, Siddhant Jaiswal (Athlete) and Sangram Chougule (Athlete)

1. Cable Machine Squats | 4 sets × 15 to 20 reps

Pradeep Bhatia the known celebrity trainer begins the episode with introducing how to do the cable machine squats. This exercise is a must to do exercise for every one of you to increase the muscle area on your legs. He suggests to add more weights after 1 rep and gradually decrease the number of squats. It means the number of weights is inversely proportional to the number of squats. This is good for normal people as well as body builders.

2. Double Leg Curl | 4 sets × 10 to 15 reps

The second trainer of the day is Moirangthem Robi. In the video he is demonstrating you all that how to perform Doble leg curl. He is not only doing the exercise but also giving you the tips to do it. This exercise specifically helps you in enhancing your walking, jumping and running state. In nutshell, this is done to give more flexibility to your legs and knees.

3. Hack Squats| 3 sets X 8 to 10 reps

Next comes Siddhant Jaiswal, he is performing the famous hack squat. This leg workout is effective for your hamstrings, calves, glutes and quads. It helps in increasing strength of your lower body. Jaiswal is explaining the right process while demonstrating. Side by side he is also pinpointing the tips for you to do it correctly. It is also a must to add exercise in your leg day workout.

4. Leg Press (Giant Set) | 10 sets X 15 to 25 reps

Athlete Sangram Chougule has very good knowledge about leg workouts. In today’s video Chougule is demonstrating leg press. He begins by telling about the leg positions while doing the exercise. He is in factexplains the full impact of the exercise you must watch the whole video to get the professional tips for better legs. It will definitely help you in building strong legs. 

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