Abs & Mobility Drills - Day 6 & 7

Hey! Today is the last day of LBD workout! Join your Fitness coach Priyanka, Live from gym for an intense concentrated core stretch session only for You!!

This routine pairs each core focused exercise with a releasing stretch, designed to build muscles that are both powerful yet flexible. All you'll need is a mat for this barefoot workout. Dynamic stretching and strengthening exercises to increase your overall flexibility includes exercises like Boat pose, Boat pose – dynamic version, Deep Squat with Plate Hold, Downward Dog, Child Pose, Downward Dog with alternate heel touches , Thoracic Opening Drill, Shoulder mobility drills, Spinal Rotation, Plank to Deep Squat and lots more. This is the perfect way to move your body even on your recovery days.

Like this workout? A must try at Home!!

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