A Stand-Up Comedian's Awesome Transformation!

At a very young age, Venkatesh led a very high on energy social life because of being a Tabla Artist and Stand-Up Comedian. He had a job of entertaining people but carried the weight of his body-weight on his psyche. He won it over with aplomb! Read his story to know how!

A Stand-Up Comedian's Awesome Transformation!

I am Venkatesh Kalokhe, a student who ispretty busy managing time for studies and socializing. I stay in Pune. I am a 20-year-old engineering student and am in the process of completing my degree in the same. I am part-time stand-up comedian and also play classical table.

I am basically a fitness, adventure and sports lover. I have inherited genes of my father who was a national level Volleyball player and he also happens to be my fitness idol.

Because of my additional talents like stand-up comedy and tabla, I became popular in the city with the publishing of articles on me in Times of India and Pube Times. Because of my constant engagement in studies and extra-curricular activities, I am unable to devote a lot of time to my fitness. Being an entertainer, my lifestyle requires socializing because of which it becomes difficult to follow a definite diet. All this were a roadblock towards good health and fitness. Hence, I had to overcome this. Not only this, I was also an occasional drinker which made it even harder.

I was a next level foodie and used to have all types of sweets, especially, Gulab Jamuns (one piece) every Sunday. And once I was fat-shamed in public in front of a lot of people, where I had a mental breakdown! I tried gym for year, but without following any set diet and therefore, it gave me absolutely no results. It was tough but one day I woke up with a determination that from that very day, I will transform my routine and diet altogether. I was ready for developing a new version of myself.

I lack time management but I workout everyday. It may be a sport, a gym session or a trek or run, just anything which would make me sweat. But that’s on the days I am not following a normal routine. I followed a low fat, low carb and nutritious diet with my workout routine and in a span of a year shed down from 101 kg to 74kg. I started my transformation when I was 19 years of age and now, I am 20 and still in the process of maintaining my routine, healthy lifestyle and fitness level.

Workout Routine

I workout 6 days a week. On Sundays, I run for 10 kms. I also participate in marathons if any.

Basic Diet

I focus on eating low carbs and high protein diet. I get bored of same food items easily so I eat protein based natural food alternate days like paneer, eggs, milk, chicken (rarely).

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