A Sales Manager to One of the Fittest Mothers - Rahmi Rai's Story

Rashmi was a cabin crew member. She incorporated her fitness routine in his daily life and discovered her passion there. Her transformation speaks of a fitness secret and that it is not about losing or gaining weight but leading a fit and confident life, not matter what your age is!

A Sales Manager to One of the Fittest Mothers - Rahmi Rai's Story

1. Who is Rashmi?

I am a mother of one kid, working as a general manager, sales and passionate about fitness. It has been 2 years that I got into fitness and now it has become my dream to spread the same charm to all the women.

2. Your age and your city?

New Delhi, I belong to Delhi, the capital of India and I am 31 years old.

3. Your lifestyle?

I am an early riser, fitness freak, clean eater and early sleeper.

4. Your Achievements?

I was a cabin crew member and I went on to become a fit mother now. One of the achievements is that my Instagram page has grown enormously and also monitored personal training of few of our clients who got remarkable results.

5. What was the most difficult part of your journey?

Most difficult part of my journey has been time management undoubtedly. As I have too much on my plate, which includes my job, family, home responsibilities, my diet and fitness routine; it becomes difficult for me to juggle but I do manage it somehow. You find ways to do, what you really want to do!

6. How do you manage you time then?

I learnt it while living it, balancing it out also giving immediate time to the most demanding task or part of my life. There are more challenges in front of working mothers than a normal person trying to get fit but it is not impossible as you keep your priorities clear right from the beginning.

7. When did you decide to transform?

It wasn’t a particular date, it is just that I fell in love with the process and not with the results. Being fit and healthy shouldn’t be a choice it should be a compulsion.

8. Your basic workout schedule?

I divide my days like this: 3 days legs, 1 day back, 1 day upper body and 1 day abs and core. It depends upon body to body, how to train your body. It is best to take help from certified fitness experts or those who know fitness workouts and body anatomy, balancing it with your type and needs, in and out. So one workout routine, doesn’t suit all.

9. Your basic diet?

High protein and high carbs diet. Love to hit 2300 calories on usual days and I hate crash dieting. Cheat meals twice a week. Dieting means to eat right and not to NOT to eat at all! It won’t do any good to your body and will squeeze off all the essential nutrients from your body which are very important for living and leading a healthy life. Hence, I eat clean and nutrition really helps me in keeping up with my workout routine. They both together make a fit life.

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