A Police Officer and Athlete - Akshay Yadav Sets Benchmarks

How Akash Yadav balances a cop job and bodybuilding sport together is the story of steady determination. This athlete coverage is different because not everyone can manage time like he does, and wins medals too. A must read.

Akash Yadav  is from Haryana and lives in Delhi right now. He is a Delhi police official and hence, it is all the more difficult to carry out sincere duties towards the state and balancing it with your passion. He enjoys to burn calories in the gym and working out daily. It has converted into passion for him over the period of time. He started building his body just to keep himself fit and look good with desirable body aesthetic. 

Akash is working out since 5 years. Looking at his dedication towards bodybuilding, he was motivated by his friend and coach to perform on stage and take the sport of bodybuilding seriously as it will become more than just passion for him then. He first participated in a bodybuilding championship in on February 16, 2019 for Mr. Delhi title and landed bronze medal for himself. After this, he never turned back and decided to take this sport further with him.

He went on to win 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals in Mr. Delhi championships thereafter. He secured 4th place in Shawn Ray India Classic, just 40 days’ time. He looks forward to add a gold medal to his medal-tally.

His daily schedule is quite grilling as he wakes up as early as 5AM and goes for his workout in the gym. He comes back home and prepares his meal for the day. Then he goes for his job, his job again is very demanding and he has to do justice to it whole day. He returns from his job at midnight usually and again, repeats this every single day.

His workouts are well-guided by his coach. His coach pushes him every time to work hard and lift heavy. Beside this, he motivates him at every step. In leaning season, he does workout for around 3 hours and works on single body parts, cardio and abdomen. In off season, he usually does heavy workouts for 1 hour daily.

He consumes heavy meals before workout to feel pumped up to lift heavy and work on every part of his body. He is primarily a vegetarian and takes eggs.  He hence, depends on both for his protein requirements. He takes brown rice for fiber and carbs. In leaning season, he intakes boiled vegetables and eggs for the combination of protein and fiber.

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