A Mother of Two and a Successful Athlete – Annu C. Marbaniang

After marriage, sports couldn’t possibly be an option as I was a homemaker until I realized the value of discipline and time!

A Mother of Two and a Successful Athlete – Annu C. Marbaniang

I am Annu C. Marbaniang 38 years old athlete from Delhi. I loved to play badminton, tennis, basketball etc. in my childhood. During my teens I got opportunity to participate at beauty pageants and fashion shows. After getting married sports was no longer an option and I started going to the gym. Here I learnt different aspects of fitness exercise and decided to pursue a career as a group class fitness instructor.

I got married at an early age and became mother of two kids and I was a home maker but I realized that discipline and time management is very important so, even after I became a fitness enthusiast and athlete, I continued to follow a set time-table.

The only difference I found in my lifestyle is the diet because now I have knowledge about different aspects of diet and realized the different pattern of eating including time.

Today, I am internationally certified fitness instructor to take various group classes including Les Mills programs such as RPM.

The most challenging part of my fitness journey was maintaining the discipline and dedication. It was difficult to manage the time for workout but somehow I manage.

My workout schedule begins with my group classes. After that I do my cardio for an hour and in the evening, I do my weight training. I work out for 5 days a week and I make sure to go for outdoor running twice a week.

I follow very simple diet plan which is everything moderately at the meals in more portion throughout the day and never forget to eat favourite dishes once in a while.


  • Miss Assam, 1995
  • North-East Super Model, 1999
  • Finalist Gladrags Mrs. India, 2010 with sub-title of ‘Mrs. Photogenic’
  • Muscle Mania Bikini 2017 winner
  • Bodypower PCA 2017 2nd place
  • YMCA 2017 2nd place
  • Sheru Classic 2018 9th Place

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