A Good Personal Trainer Files - Episode 1

Vinay Sangwan is a dependable personal trainer who has trained varied clients of different body types and clinical conditions like paralysis and cancer. He does it with compassion and passion both and that is what perhaps makes him one of best fitness coaches in India. Watch Episode – 1 of series and get inspired!

Vinay Sangwan was a cricketer in his school days and was always into exercise, running and other fitness activities like morning jogs. As he grew up, his inclination towards making his body aesthetics a little better and muscular, he joined gym in 2006. He trained hard and discovered that he has a knack for teaching and training others as well!

Fortunately, the gym he was training in, was a rented facility in his own premises, and this made it easier for him to learn the art of personal training. Here, he trained people as an intern would do to learn and gage his capability into this field. He didn’t take money for his services then. His focus was on learning and doing what he loved to do – train.

After a few months, he got to know that he needed to get certifications that supported the profession of personal training to take his passion further. Hence, he became ACE certified and studied further to upgrade his skill-set as a personal trainer. So it has been over 13 years into personal training and he is still successfully training his clients to their fitness goals.

Vinay has done some of the very challenging and laurel-worthy transformations with his clients such as Padma Shri Awardee, Arjuna and Khel Ratna Awardee – Deepa Malik. She is first woman paralympian to land a silver in Rio Olympics. Before her feat, she was being trained for her sport as well as her fitness. Vinay Sangwan helped her in training without getting injured as she is chest-down paralytic. It was a challenge to make her exercise which would bear results as well as keep her injury free in the process. Vinay Sangwan talks fondly about Deepa Malik and her determined transformation into a successful sports player.

Other client whose journey he shared is Kaushik Roy, who came to him to get into shape. Kaushik registered for a marathon and every year, he kept on outrunning his own self and became a better version of himself while training under Vinay. Later, when his routine didn’t allow him to attend physical training sessions, he started training online and that surprisingly worked even better for him, he attained a physique and a great athletic transformation was all what the world could see.

He talks about another challenging transformation in which he trained a cancer patient keeping in mind her body type and clinical condition. He had to keep her injury free and make her exercise consistently. Pooja, his client managed to lose 11-12kg while training under him and Vinay considers it her achievement given the kind of medical condition she was in.

To know more about the inspiring journey of Vinay Sangwan as a personal trainer, let’s put it rather as – ‘A Good Personal Trainer’, watch the full video!

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