A Day in Life of Thakur Anoop Singh, Part – I and Part - II

If you wondered how Thakur Anoop Singh spends his day, here is the mystery revealed to you by bodyandstrength.com. From his take on nutrition to his life and family to his MMA training, dance classes, his spiritual beliefs to his sacred ‘karma’ which he renders through his acting and following his passion for fitness and bodybuilding; he gives you the wholesome look into his life! Watch ‘A Day in Life of Thakur Anoop Singh’ and live it with him!

Bodyandstrength.com spent a day with Thakur Anoop Singh, the Indian Fitness Physique icon. Who doesn’t remember his iconic role in the TV Series ‘Mahabharat’ (2013) where he played Dhritarashtra. In 2015, he won a gold medal in 7th WBPF World Bodybuilding Championship (Thailand) in Men’s Fitness Physique category. He has also won one bronze in 49th Asian Championship (Uzbekistan) and one silver in Fit Factor – Mr. India (2015) in Men’s Fitness Physique category.

His TV career flagged off in the year 2011 where he did several period dramas and mythological roles deftly. He was also seen doing Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Marathi cinema, rendering some of the stirring performances. He is a rare mix of a skilled actor and fitness icon who knows nutrition and works of different fitness programs to keep up with his agility, strength and looks together.

He has learnt from experience and grown up doing many tasks himself being a hosteller in college days.At first, he got roles according to his looks matching it up with the character he would play but afterwards, as he moved to tinsel town, he worked on his body to suit his acting career from time to time. 

He rightly puts it that it is a continuous process, a lifestyle and a way of life for him now as he has been into fitness right from the beginning of his teens.So it is more than 15 years of hard work. The only difference is that earlier he used to eat just anything and gave no thought to what he was eating, only focusing on his workouts. But over the course of time, knowledge and importance of right nutrition dawned upon him.

Many such little facts from his life will greet you in this video. He takes you to his MMA and dance class routine. He shares his gym session and diet with you. He shares his profound memories from the past, his schooling, college, family and glimpses of his house in Mumbai.

It was rather a peaceful and introspective second half of the day with Thakur Anoop Singh where his family fondly remembered his growing up days with them, the cheer on the face of his parents, the pride and concern on his brother’s and sister-in-law’s faces. The picture of a close-knit, value driven family who has been with each other through thick and thin. Anoop rightly said, that no one is actually ‘self-made’, there are always people and support systems at different points of time who support you in becoming what you are or what dream of. Hard work depends upon you but success has a contribution of many on the go. We couldn’t agree more!

There were moments of inspiration and insight into the mechanism of success where Anoop has talked about his belief system and what he has learnt from life and people so far. Clearly, life isn’t just being shown in this video but is happening here and all viewers are going to live every moment of it!

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