A Day in Life of Guru Mann

The fitness icon, the industry follows almost as a legend. He has build a brand out of himself with his knowledge, hard work and vision. People follow him not only as a fitness industry dignitary but as a leader with a vision. Let’s know all about him, his family, his vision, his beliefs, challenges and achievements through a day spent in relaxed, candid, feet-up manner with Guru Mann!


Bodyandstrength.com met Guru Mann for the first time at IHFF Delhi in the month of August, 2018. He was sitting in the VIP lounge and bodyandstrength.com was the only media present at that moment and suddenly, an idea clicked. After clicking a few candid photographs of him, the digital channel talked to him to cover a day in his life, whatever he does or says, it had to be a day with the channel for his fans and the audience out there. As he says that he is a man with a plan, we say that he is a man who knows how to keep his commitments. Well, it was a warm conversation with a grounded fitness icon, who said that we can definitely do it next time when he comes to India in the month of October. We took his word and connected to him when the time of his arrival came and as he said, he was with bodyandstrength.com’s team almost for the whole day talking about his vision, his dreams which were directly connected to betterment of the health and fitness training and education in India, his country, which he carries in his heart despite of living in the States.

A Day In Life Of Guru Mann

October 22, 2018, Guru Mann disembarked from his flight from Gujarat where he had a successful event and landed in Delhi. He took his ride to his hotel and talked on the way to bodyandstrength.com’s team. He gave insights on what one must to keep up with his/her health while travelling. He insisted that if we look around in India, we have got a lot of healthy options and having the thought in mind that you get nothing healthy on streets is wrong. You can have fresh juices and fresh fruits from any corner on the roads and this is, actually, a plus point in India. You can keep handy a protein bar, some nuts and dry fruits and of course, it is important to keep yourself hydrated to keep water bottle with you all the time. You just have to pay attention on what healthy things you can consume all the way at regular intervals and that’s it. However, it is difficult to maintain your bodybuilding diet when you are preparing to compete and for that you have to carry your meals with you all the time. He also revealed how much he loves having ‘Chai Latte’ which has the Indian flavor to it, even when he is in States. He prefers having tea if given and option between tea and coffee. He fondly mentioned his wife cooking ginger tea for him.

Guru Mann reaches his room in the hotel,  pulled the curtains of the picture window to let the light in and with it, he grew more concerned about something. This something was not what he was seeing outside the window this something was his vision which he was focusing on looking outside the window He envisioned India five years down the line. He envisioned a healthier, fitter India with fewer health problems. He told about his innate dream of reforming the education system by bringing professional health and fitness studies to the curriculum. He sat down and talked about GMSA his Fitness Academy which has been announced and launched back in States in Olympia show. He said that this Fitness Academy matches the international educational standards and people graduating from it can work in health and fitness field abroad. The ground work for the same is being done at the backend. He said that he is bringing the academy to India, where it already has the support of  the government and is tying up with Skill India initiative as well. He plans to branch it out in all the states of India so that people can have access to good professional education and training in the field of fitness anywhere. In India, Sheru Aangrish of ‘Sheru Classic’ fame is supporting the initiative of such an academy too.

He also mentioned that while talking to bodyandstrength.com’s team, he came to know that we share the vision of having a fitter and more channelized fitness awareness in India, the education must be such that there is no end of the road for the people who are taking up a career in the Indian fitness industry, instead they must rise from here and be able to render commendable services.

Guru Mann reveals why it is important to bring such a career oriented curriculum to India. He said that from past 4 years he has seen a rise in fitness industry in India due to more and more athletes and trainers giving their best to the industry and growing health and fitness awareness in India. But when it comes to growth prospects in this industry, there is no vertical growth here, there is a career block and talent is either underpaid and over-utilized or not utilized at all. Moreover, there is unnecessary competition from uncertified and non-deserving people posing as professionals. In the coming times, certification through a proper authorized body will become mandatory to make and sustain a career in this field.

A few years back Guru Mann lost his father who succumbed to stage 4 cancer. In his reminiscence he said that at that time he didn’t know how one can prevent this situation and how he could save his father but now, equipped with knowledge, he knows how one can lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent deadly diseases to considerable extent. He also said that it was after this encounter with cancer in his family that he studied about this disease and found out ways how cancer patients can be helped out.

He told about his family where he has his wife and his baby daughter. He has two brothers and an elder sister who lives close by. He was born in Amritsar, Punjab and has his family home over there. He has ancestral farm land in Uttar Pradesh.

The hotel room-service caught the glimpse of Guru Mann and was in awe of seeing his fitness icon in front of him, he made the most of this opportunity and clicked a selfie with him. Guru Mann then moved further to have his meal which included whole wheat bread double-deck sandwiches with egg, lots of veggies and chicken breast as the filling. He had it with a nutritious blend of almond milk, papaya, kiwi and cinnamon worked up into a tasteful smoothie. All things were very healthy and filling – good amount of protein, decent amount of carbs and very little fat and of course, vitamins and minerals coming from veggies.

If you wish to be fit, you must eat healthy and eat at regular intervals, keep yourself filled and keep the machine of your body going with healthy fuel. Good food will give good performance for your body. Consume quality food and for that buy them form reliable sources in India so that you don’t end up having artificially grown fruits and vegetable. Don’t consume anything which body cannot utilize in terms of nutrient value. If you don’t pay attention to it then you will end up falling sick and prey to different deficiencies. Don’t over-cook your food at home, don’t use refined oil, take good and small quantity of oil to cook.

He rounded up with an interesting question and answer session with the team, which you will watch as part of the video above!

Bodyandstrength.com acknowledges and can relate to Guru Mann’s noble vision. The team wishes that it gets materialized in India in the coming times, redefining the education system and career prospects in the field of health and fitness.

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