A Day In Life Of A Bodybuilder: Yatinder Singh

This is one of the most awaited video from bodyandstrength.com where Yatinder Singh shares his whole day’s routine with the public – How his morning begins, his prayers, beliefs, vision, family, work, workouts, diet and the inspiring story of his life; how he manages his bodybuilding sport with his personal life – everything revealed in this video coverage.

Yatinder Singh is an Indian Pro-Bodybuilder and Fitness Icon today. But there is a story behind every success. Bodyandstrength.com spent a day with Yatinder Singh and got a peek into the everyday life of a bodybuilder. Yatinder Singh shares profound moments of his life and wishes to give out some of his life’s lessons to the young generation out there aspiring to pursue a career in bodybuilding or fitness industry.

Born on December 25, 1982, he was raised in Saharanpur. As he grew up, he realized that he was underweight and looked very different from his peer. Moreover, the social pressure of conforming to the norms and fitting to the expectations of the society bothered him. He hence, decided to increase his physical activity, stamina and improve his strength. The idea was to work wherever he can. However, the surprise was when he asked his parents the permission to pursue a career in fitness industry and go for training in the same instead of excelling academically only.

The fight was tough for him but with his grit and determination, he made it to the list of top Indian bodybuilders. He won his first bodybuilding championship in 2002 and this motivated him further to dig more into this field. In between his journey, he even got gravely injured, his lower back vertebrae were ruptured. The broken discs and the associated nerve injuries paralysed his right hand and leg by 30%. He was bedridden for months. He had to stay away from bodybuilding for 3 years in between. To make his living, he started working as a personal trainer and went on to open his own gym in partnership with his friends – Otwo Gym and Spa.

In the year 2008, Yatinder gave bodybuilding another shot after recovering substantially. He completed his ACE and ACSM training courses and gained knowledge on how he can train his body by straining less. In 2010, Yatinder bounced back making it to the stage again and winning 6-7 championships. His latest achievements include Silver medal in 7th World Bodybuilding and Physique Championship in 2015 and Mr. India title in 2016.

A day in life of Yatinder Singh starts like regular person but it needs more focus and self-discipline. He times himself to take time out for dropping his son to the bus-stop, walking back home with his wife and many such moments with his family whenever he can. He takes care of the gym management. He does strategic workout which includes weight training and cardio for muscle building and overall health. He takes care of his diet and nutrition throughout the day as per her training needs.

Watch everything in his day here and don’t miss out on his vision and message to the industry and the masses as Bodyandstrength.com spends a fruitful inspiring day with this grounded bodybuilding athlete, trainer and entrepreneur.

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