A Corporate Communication Professional Turned Athlete: Sharu Vig

Sharu is a full time corporate communication professional with an MNC which didn’t stop her from following her passion in the bodybuilding industry since 8.5 years. Watch this athlete coverage to know more.

Sharu lives and breathes physical and emotional health, yet remains grounded in teaching that the strongest love should be between yourself and your body. Let us hear what she has to share.

I am Sharu Vig, from Delhi working Full time as a corporate communication professional with an MNC. But following bodybuilding since last 8.5 years as a passion.

Looking back at how far I have come, I have noticed how much healthy lifestyle has helped me build strength in other areas of my life. The passion for fitness has allowed me to not only change physically but has given me mental and emotional strength to persevere through life’s challenges. 

It has allowed me to grow into a strong independent person with a strong work ethic as training forces you to tap into your mental strength and capabilities to push through hard workouts.

Now I use that strength in all aspects of my life - whether that be to do with relationships, financial issues or day to day life challenges.

I started competing in the year 2018 with Sheru Classic in Delhi where I was placed 3rd and won a bronze. I wished to achieve a pro card, hence, I went to IHFF Mumbai and participated there. After that I participated in a regional show recently in January 2019 where I stood 2nd.

My goal has always been to help, educate, inspire and guide young girls and woman into a life changing experience so they can experience the growth and happiness that I have been blessed with. I learned a lot about nutrition as well.

Also it is important to never use the word restriction when it comes to diet. It's important to have a relationship with food and make choices that suit you. 

Basic Diet

Meal plans usually revolve around Chicken/ Fish/egg whites with green vegetables and Complex carbs sources like Rice, Sweet Potatoes and Oats along with good fat sources amidst proper supplementation. If I am on prep or Off-season, I like to manipulate my carbohydrates primarily, and add in some dietary fats as well. My numbers change from being 150g protein/100g carbs/25g fat during the season to 150g protein/150g carbs/35g fat during the off-season. And yes, Cheat meal is another major area to boost my metabolism, moreover the day following my cheat meal day, I always plan one of my more rigorous workouts like a lower body/glute-focus workout, so that I can take advantage of my muscles being stocked, full of glycogen from my cheat meal the night before.

Workout Schedule

  • Monday Quads
  • Tuesday Arms/ Shoulders
  • Wednesday Hamstring
  • Thursday Back/Calves
  • Friday Shoulders/Calves
  • Saturday Glutes
  • Sunday (Rest Day)

I would like to thank the bodybuilding and health and fitness industry for moulding me into the person I am today.  

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