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8 Exercises to Fix Your Lower Back Pain

In this article one of the most inspiring Indian bodybuilding icons, Yatinder Singh, who himself has braved a spine injury, tells you 8 ways in which you can fix your nagging back pain with a few exercises. So time to ditch your painkillers and help your lower back gain strength with pain relieving exercises.

8 Exercises to Fix Your Lower Back Pain

It is observed that out of 10 people, 2 people have lower back pain due to injury (which only a doctor can help you with) but the other 8 would have it because of some common reasons such as wrong posture, weak core muscles, tight hamstring and glute muscles, lack of flexibility and imbalanced left and right side of body. This condition can be corrected without the help of medicines most of the times.

Yatinder Singh hence, has demonstrated 8 powerful exercises which will not only increase muscle flexibility in your lower back but will also strengthen them. As a result, your body posture will become better and more stable. If you are thinking that exercising takes a lot of time then be prepared for the surprise as these exercises only take 10 minutes to perform! You can do it anywhere, anytime as they don’t require equipment. His new release on his YouTube channel is about these exercises only.

Here are the exercises:

1. Wall Slides - 15 reps

Stand against the wall while your hips and back touching the wall. Keep your hands in a 90 degree position and slide them up and down the wall. Do it in a controlled way, slowly. Keep your knees soft all this while.

2. Standing Hip Extension and Abduction - 15 reps with each leg

Keep one hand on the wall and second on your waist. Now move your left leg maximum towards front and then towards maximum towards back. Repeat with the other leg. Make sure that you have to stretch your leg outwards while kicking back.

3. Kneeling Hip Flexor – 10 to 12 reps with each leg

Keep one of your knee aligned with your pelvic bone in the lunging position and the other one aligned with your ankle. Now, stretch forward as much as you can, holding the position. You can support your knee in the front with both your hands and feel the maximum stretch in your hamstrings and glutes. Repeat with the next leg.  Make sure that you keep your core tight and chest upwards during the whole movement.

4. Cobra Pose - 10-12 reps

You have to lie down face down on the mat and lift your upper body up with help of your hands but do not involve your hands for much support, focus should be to engage the lower back. Keep lifting the upper body from your waist till the time your elbows are straight. Now, you have to come down slowly. Take care that your feet are pointed inwards all the time.

5. Cat and Camel Pose - 10-12 reps

You have to take the position with your knees and palms on the mat. Hands aligned with the shoulders and knees aligned with your hips. Now first arch you back downwards in the middle moving your head upward simultaneously. After this, push you back slowly upwards rounding it in the middle while moving your chin towards your chest as much as you can. Repeat this movement.

6. Kneeling Superman - 20 reps

You start with the starting position of Cat and Camel pose. Now, lift your opposite hand and leg upwards as much as you can in alignment with your back, stretching up as much as you can. Repeat with your other pair of opposite hand and leg. Initially, you can face a balancing problem in this exercise but as you will practice, this will become easier and will certainly help your back.

7. Lying Hyperextension - 15 reps

Lie face down on the mat, put your hands behind your head towards neck and lift your chest and legs together engaging your lower back. If you have a problem keeping your hands at back of your head, you can keep them parallel to your body as well. But here, you have to pay attention that you do not jerk yourself while coming up. Perform all movements in a controlled manner rather slowly. Stretch maximum and resume the starting position.

8. Glute Bridge - 15 reps

Lie face up on the mat. Bend end your knees, placing your feet and hands on firmly on the ground. Now, bring your glutes up squeezing as much as possible until your waist, knees and shoulders come in straight slanting line. Hold the position for a few seconds before coming back down in a controlled manner.

All the above exercises will strengthen your back and make it more flexible over the time while relieving pain cause by bad posture or imbalance in alignment. Practice these exercises daily for best results. To watch Yatinder Singh demonstrating the exercises mentioned above watch his latest YouTube release on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqeBw3MfPdg 

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