7 Immunity Boosting Foods for Fighting Against Flu and Virus

Arm yourself to fight against deadly viral infections and flu with the 7 foods listed in this article. Instead of panicking, it is about changing our habits for good.

7 Immunity Boosting Foods for Fighting Against Flu and Virus

As coronavirus has become the talk of the town, we are hearing a lot about how to protect ourselves from not getting sick. Isn’t it?

From washing our hands like we have never done before to covering our mouth with a mask whenever we step out of the house, we are trying our best to fight off sickness and viruses.

No wonder these are important tips to protect ourselves and our beloved ones, but what’s more important than ever is to boost our immunity to keep ourselves as much healthy as possible and support our body to effectively stave off novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Given below are some of the many immunity-boosting foods that support a healthy gut amid coronavirus epidemic.

Citrus Fruits

Sweet, juicy, and bright coloured citrus fruits should be at the top of your grocery list. Bursting with vitamin C, citrus fruits help to support the Immune system so that even you get exposed by the coronavirus, your body is able to fight back effectively.

Here are some popular citrus fruits that are convenient to eat and should be a part of your daily diet:

  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Sweet lime
  • Mandarin
  • Lemon

Either consume whole fruits or drink freshly pressed juice without any added sugar or preservatives for some variation.


Ginger, our favourite ingredient in the tea other than in many dishes and desserts is filled with immune-boosting benefits.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and strong antioxidative properties, which helps to deal with the flu virus and upset stomach too.

Sipping on a cup of warm ginger, lime and honey water regularly won’t hurt you. Right?


It is definitely the “go-to” ingredient in almost every dishes for centuries. Garlic adds a flavourful boost in every cuisine and consist of powerful properties to fight off cold and flu, which in turn enhance the immune system.

Eat raw garlic to increase the infection-fighting ability of your immune system.


Popeye’s favourite food made to our list of top immunity boosting foods for some compelling reasons.

The vibrant green spinach contains many important nutrients and antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E that give your immunity a healthy boost and prevent germs or bacteria that surrounds us.


Broccoli, a power-packed vegetable should be a part of your regular healthy diet as it is an excellent source of vitamin C.

Other than this, the presence of vitamin A and vitamin E make broccoli a must-have to build your immune system. This wonderful vegetable is loaded up with many antioxidants and fiber that aids in strengthening immune defense actions.


Enriched with essential micronutrients and a high level of vitamin C, dried amla or amla juice deserves to be a part of a regular diet for boosting the immunity system.

Amla is an old age component used for detoxifying the system and to keep cold, flu, and other harmful viruses at bay. Add a teaspoon of honey in amla juice and enjoy the goodness of amla everyday.


Eating a bowlful of low-fat, simple yogurt makes a great deal to get a boost for your immune system. It will also help to keep the gut happy and away from disease-causing germs.

Be sure that you choose yogurt that is free from sugar and additional flavours. To satisfy your sweet buds, use naturally sweet fruits or drizzle a little honey into it.

Take Away

Till the researchers are working towards developing vaccines to prevent COVID-19, we all should work on to maintaining our health.

Following a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits can hinder the proper functioning of our immune system. So it’s better to take the holistic approach of keeping ourselves healthy in preparation for coronavirus by eating immunity-boosting foods.

Let’s hope for the best and follow basic protective measures against coronavirus.

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